Alex Ryan Review: What’s The Amazon Course He’s Selling?

Who is Alex Ryan and Peter Sun and what are they selling? Today we'll be looking at their Amazon coaching program and why two former students went to Current Affair Australia. Is it a business model you can succeed with or should you avoid Amazon FBA? 

Alex Ryan travels around Australia pitching an online business model which is importing and selling on Amazon. He's definitely not the only company offering such a service but is well known in the industry. 

Some unhappy clients went to the media in an attempt to get their money back after losing $30k. But they actually left positive testimonials before doing so. So why did Karen Zolnikov and Travis Zolnikov change their tune? 

It works like this, you import products from China to Australia. Then ship them to Amazon's warehouse who store them and list them on the site. Using their client base, when you get a sale, Amazon ships the product to their customer, takes a commission and you keep the profit.

How Alex Sells The Course

Alex uses social media to drum up those looking for a new side hustle or to start something new. 

You attend a training session close to your home or via an online webinar. For example this might be at a bar on the Gold Coast, Sydney or conference center. 

Ultimately you're invited to purchase the full course which can cost up to $30,000. 

alex ryan review

The 60 Minutes Scandal

There's two sides to every story. 

60 minutes Australia did a piece on Alex and Peter who have apparently been taking up to $30k from Australian's simply trying to get a leg up in life and start an honest business.

I recommend you watch the video first, it's about 8 minutes long.

The story claims they offer 1-2-1 coaching such as a personal trip to the Canton Fair in China with Alex to source products. 

Current Affair claims many students have lost money but only provide the names of Karen and Travis who are actually husband and wife, then there's Carolyn Bilzon who lost $21,000 and calls it a 'Scamazon.' They claim they are aware of multiple other unsatisfied clients who didn't want to go on the record. 

Carolyn describes Alex and Peter as 'narcissistic egomaniacs' who flaunt their wealth and success to prospective clients during presentations. 

The question, 'tell us the name of one student who's been successful' is a particularly good question to which Alex Ryan can't answer. However it's likely because of the privacy policy he has tied on his course. 

It would have been great if Alex mentioned that during his interrogation, but of course Current Affair could have cut this out so we won't know for sure. 

According to 9news, he has apologised to Karen and Travis and offered a full refund however according to 9news the couple is yet to receive the money. 

Now I recommend watching Alex and Peter's response.

And now watch Karen and Travis before and after the current affair documentary.

Why did Karen and Travis change their opinions on this course in 6 weeks?  

Alex claims they 'signed up with another company and decided to pull out, that was the main reason why they were disgruntled.' It makes sense. Did that competitor force them to go to Current Affairs to win business?

Guess we'll never know. 

Who is Alex Ryan?

Alex Ryan is a new name, he recently changed his name before starting his Amazon coaching course. You see, he used to be a dating coach on topics such as how to pickup girls. 

Alex is the face of his Import Export Coaching business and he's regularly featured on his webinars offering freebies to encourage you to stay until the end. These include '10 hot products selling on Amazon right now'

According to Alex Ryan he's been importing from suppliers in China for the last 11 years and started online businesses in 2004. 

Following this, he claims that importing and selling on Amazon is probably one of the most lifestyle oriented businesses out there. 

Before this he had business coaching programs with dating and real estate. 

Who is Peter Sun?

Peter Sun has been all over New Zealand and Australia promoting his various digital courses and coaching programs over the last 15 years. While some appear genuine, others seem to be questionable.

One such course was Better Business Institute and was about becoming a consultant to which this kiwi lady splurged $70k and lost everything she had. 

Peter Sun claims to be a public figure and is known for his background as a real estate coach. He actually used to run a course called realestateforprofit.

Peter Sun claims to have been featured in The Bulletin, The Daily Telegraph and BrisbaneTimes but I couldn't find anything other than him listing his home for sale. 

His most recent course was about real estate investing and claimed to show you how to find and buy undervalued properties and own 3-4 properties in the next 7 years. 

Peter claims to have been featured on national TV and has sold over 17 of his own properties worth $45 million dollars. He also claims to have made over $40 million from educational programs. 

There’s Dozens of Testimonials

We really need to discuss the testimonials that are shown all over the webinar for their course. If you watch carefully it appears to me that most of these people were interviewed after attending the conference. Most of them talk about product ideas which is what their free coaching is all about.

You see, how many of these testimonials actually bought the course? It's not obvious. 

The Small Print

You can make your own mind up about this course. Why did current affair run this story when Karen and Travis both appear to be be happy to talk on camera about enjoying the course, but then tell a different story on TV.

Did they have a change of heart or was there an incentive to record those videos? 

Peter and Alex offer a 10-day unconditional money back guarantee to all potential clients to try out their programs. 

Is Their Amazon FBA Coaching A Scam?

The concept of starting a business on Amazon isn't new and it's a perfectly legitimate business model. Some people make a fortune doing this.

Offering a training course on how to start an Amazon business is also genuine and no different to platforms such as Udemy, Masterclass or Pluralsight that offer training. 

Alex Ryan claims to have years of experience importing products and selling them on Amazon. So this allows him to offer his coaching services. But, 

A Current Affair can reveal the pair's actual experience in selling products on Amazon is minimal, if not non-existent, despite the fact they both market themselves as experienced sellers. It's understood Peter may have never sold a product on the online retailer.
When pressed on his selling experience by Travis and Karen, Alex admitted he'd only listed 10 products over four years and those items were in partnership with somebody else.
A Current Affair has been unable to find one former client who has turned a profit using their expensive coaching. Both men have avoided repeated requests to provide examples to ACA.

Can You Make Money With Amazon?

Yes you can, in fact the Amazon business model is no different to the millions of people making money from eBay. You buy products in China, import them and list them on the site. 

The difference is, you don't need to spend $30k learning how to do this. In fact you don't even need to go to China to find your products especially if you're a beginner.

Sites such as Aliexpress, Dhgate, Alibaba and dozens more exist for foreigners to buy goods from China direct to their doors using sea or air freight. 

But what most of these courses don't tell you is you can lose a shit ton of money importing goods. What if they don't actually sell? You're stuck with the goods and if they are stored in Amazon's warehouse you'll be paying a storage fee every month until they do sell. 

But look at Carolyn Bilzon, she sold 2 products on Amazon after spending $21,000 on coaching. Is that a worthwhile investment? Alex and Peter blame her product selection. 

Why do you think physical retail stores are closing down all the time? Because they are holding too much stock that they can't sell to free up cash flow. No one will buy the stock unless it's seriously reduced in price.

Importing large quantities of stock into Australia right now is probably the dumbest thing a beginner could do with their money. I'm sure you've heard of dropshipping, that's why it's such a lucrative business model.

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