Agency Takeoff Review: Is Mariah Miller Course Worth $297?

Mariah Miller has launched her very own SMMA course and today I'll be giving you my Agency Takeoff Review and whether her course is worth $297 or if it's just another course you should consider passing on.

Offering over 25 hours of content including templates, scripts and a private Facebook mastermind group, at an affordable price it sounds like the perfect package.

But is it?

Mariah claims to be a social media expert who consistently generates over 6 figures per month for eCommerce brands on Facebook. On the sales page for Agency Takeoff she claims to have made $20,000 per month in only 4 months.

Over on Youtube she has a rather modest 1500 subscribers with many videos being published monthly with most getting over a thousand views per video.

After watching a few videos, it's clear she bought Iman Gadzhi's course, which I reviewed here, last year and she learnt the foundations for SMMA from him. One year later and she's got her own course which is very similar in layout and content if I'm honest.

There's little information online about Mariah, other than her LinkedIn page which claims she worked at Instagram and Facebook.

Her media agency is called CASIAH which doesn't even seem to have a website, of course.

Free SMMA Training

Chances are you'll see an advertisement for Mariah on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook talking about how she built a social media marketing agency from scratch to generate $20,000 per month in 4 months. This free training is in the form of a webinar.

You'll enter your name and email and find the supposedly live webinar is starting soon, which of course is prerecorded. Make sure you type a question in the box and you'll see no one actually answers it! While you wait for the webinar, there is a lot of testimonial videos to convince you this is a legit business!

This webinar oes through the process of telling you all about smma, what it is and how it works.

You're then sold on her course which costs $297. This course is fairly cheap compared to other courses on the market.

agency takeoff review

Agency Takeoff Review

The course is relatively new having launched in the last few months and is hosted on Clickfunnels platform. This means videos look and feel great on desktop and tablet, but can be clunky on mobile as the platform is primarily a sales funnel builder foremost and a membership platform as an addon.

Agency Takeoff includes 25 hours of intensive video training that covers every aspect of building and scaling a digital marketing agency. You'll learn how to build the perfect team, prospect like a pro and connect with potential clients using various outreach methods, signup new clients.

You also learn how to onboard clients and ensure you get paid on time every time. You'll also learn about outsourcing and how to hire new team members.

Additionally to the standard course content you'll get access to Mariah's advanced Facebook scaling methods that she uses on her own clients. Apparently these methods helped her generate over 1 million dollars in the first half of 2019 for a single client.

Lastly you get access to an exclusive Facebook mastermind group with other students which at the time of going live only had 115 members. You can follow along with other students, ask questions and get help from Mariah and her team directly.

Final Verdict

I have to question why Mariah Miller decided to launch a $297 course on starting a social media business, when she claims to be making $20k per month from her own agency. Wouldn't you just scale that agency up to $100k a month instead of relying on a small number of people to buy into your smma course?

I couldn't find her agencies website, there was limited information online to backup those claims.

Regardless, the course content is pretty impressive and given the low price it's definitely a good course to consider buying. However, if you're looking for finer details and topics that you really need to know about when starting an smma agency, you'll be disappointed with Agency Takeoff.

The Facebook group is also fairly obsolete too which is a bit disappointing. There's currently only 115 members with an average of 1 new post per day. In the last 30 days only 3 people joined which means only 3 people bought this course in that time. If you think you're going to learn from others in the group when there's only 1 post per day then you can think again.

There are far more popular and better smma courses out there, I've looked at a few of them here.

My #1 SMMA Recommendation

Voted as the #1 course on for the last year, the smma blueprint is one of the most powerful social media marketing courses for starting your own agency from anywhere in the world. 

At a fraction of the price, they offer 75+ video lessons across a wide range of modules so you can start your own agency in days. You also get access to a community as well as on going coaching calls. 

The course is offered by two real agency owners who have proven experience in this business. 

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2 thoughts on “Agency Takeoff Review: Is Mariah Miller Course Worth $297?”

  1. These people are just here to get our money. They don,t respond on time neither do they answer your queries.. I purchased membership from them but due to some reason, i wanted to cancel it. I have been sending them emails fro the past week but they haven’t replied to that till date. They also deactivated my account so i can no longer access that. These people are the worst

  2. Hey Gurvinder, your payment failed more than once… that is why you were removed from the dashboard obviously. Any payment that fails is automatically removed from the software. Your reason for wanting to cancel was that you gave up on SMMA and needed the funds for your studies in college. Regarding the email, you sent an email to support on Sat, March 14 at 7:30 PM, which is a weekend and my team and I do not check emails on weekends. I would attach proof of the email if I could. I am not here to steal anyones money. You can speak with the students inside the program who actually took action. They already made their investment back and more. We have multiple six-figure students inside Agency Takeoff… who in fact took more than one SMMA course, even some of the big name courses that IMRHYS recommends… and never saw results until they joined Agency Takeoff. It’s the most in depth program on SMMA out there. We don’t just have slideshow trainings or tell you what to do, we actually SHOW you how to do everything live in screen.


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