Affluent Academy Review: Jordan Platten SMMA Course?

Are you looking for an Affluent Academy review? Today I'll be looking at this smma course by Jordan Platten and whether it's worth the rather high price tag or not. I'll be exploring who the course creator is, his background and of course the course content, bonuses and community benefits.

The course is suitable for anyone, all over the world as the smma business model is suitable for businesses anywhere, looking to drive more traffic via social media, paid ads and organic traffic.

Who is Jordan Platten?

Jordan Platten is based in the United Kingdom and is an online Youtube entrepreneur who shares his social media marketing agency experience with his subscribers. Currently he has over 60,000 subscribers and regularly posts videos on the process of starting an agency, creating various types of ads and daily vlogging.

He comes across as very knowledgeable and knows what he's talking about. Unlike some Youtubers cashing in on various trends, he sticks to what he knows, which is making money online by helping small to medium businesses with their marketing.

I've seen him promoting another smma course but this seems to have been rebranded as Affluent Agency and in 2020 was recently revamped and launched into something much larger.

Unlike some of his American counterparts, he doesn't use leased supercars and private jets to sell you on the dream of starting your own agency.

Starting an agency takes hard work and that's why he decided to document the process and start his own course.

He regularly runs live events such as his 'Millennial Marketing Mastery' which was held in New York.

affluent academy review

Affluent Academy Review

The course has been updated for 2020 and is hosted on Teachable platform ensuring all videos look and feel great no matter what platform you choose to use.

The course is split up into 10 modules and 1 bonus lessons module. Each module features over the shoulder training as well as a recap quiz which is recommended that you complete before moving on to the next section.

Incomplete Course?

Currently you only get access to the first 5 modules as 6-11 modules haven't been created and unlocked yet. I'm a bit confused why you'd launch a course that is incomplete. 

Some modules have 5-6 classes while others have more than 10 classes. Apparently once complete there will be 100+ lessons in the course which does on stats level make this one of the longest smma courses on the market right now, however don't be fooled into thinking longer is better. Ultimately each individual video could be shorter compared with a course that's only got 75 videos.

Currently the modules include:

  1. Laying the foundations
  2. The launch sequence
  3. Sales prospecting
  4. Securing meetings
  5. Closing clients
  6. Getting results
  7. Comprehensive ad creation
  8. Skyrocketing return on investment
  9. Mastered strategies for 2020
  10. Scaling and automation.

Module 1: Foundations

This first module goes through the foundations and how you can potentially set yourself up for success. Videos here include navigation around the platform, what you can expect and how to use the quizzes in each module. 

You learn how to get the right mindset and how to take advantage of this new business model to make a fortune online. Additionally you'll learn how to get help from the course creators as and when you need it. 


Module 2: Launch Sequence

Now you'll learn how to setup all the essentials such as establishing your business and agency framework. You'll also learn the power of building a brand early on and how to create a website and email address. 

You'll also learn how to structure your service offering as well as a value based pricing strategy. These lessons should help you succeed from launch.

Module 3: Sales Prospecting

You'll learn the essentials you need to setup your agency and establish your position in the smma industry. You'll learn how to choose a niche to target such as eCommerce stores or a particular industry.

You'll learn what trends to follow in 2020, how to leverage your existing network of friends and colleagues. You'll also learn different lead generation techniques and how to use a pipeline alongside a CRM to generate sales.

Module 4: Secure Meetings

You'll learn how to convert cold learns into meetings using various techniques recommended by Jordan. If you've got no previous sales experience, this module should hopefully give you a better understanding on the entire process for your agency.

You'll learn how the psychology of sales, achieving instant respect and how to play to your strengths. You'll also learn how to deal with cold calling, cold emailing and direct messaging. 

You also learn everything you need to know about face-to-face meetings and appointment setting. You could even pay someone do this for you. 

Module 5: Closing Clients

Learn how to close clients with videos on converting warm leads into paying clients using the multi-platform strategy. 

You'll learn how to deal with objections and how to turn sour leads into high paying customers. You'll also learn how to work with clients with no credibility. 

Once you've got clients how do you deal with onboarding and payments? Fear not there's a long video on this process. 

You then learn how to structure meetings with prospective clients and there's also real life case studies on the topic.

You will also learn how to schedule meetings and ensure you convert all prospects into clients (hopefully!)

Additionally to this you get access to a private Facebook mastermind group which currently has XX members. Given the course has just launched there isn't many members in the group however you do get access to 1 to 1 VIP support and weekly Q&A's with Jordan himself.

Additionally the bonus content includes full copy and paste scripts for phone and email cold contact. You also get contracts and done for you funnel templates which you can use with Clickfunnels.

Currently, as part of their January 2020 update you get access to 50 fully qualified agency leads in your chosen niche and location. If you're based in London per say you would get local leads and in a particular industry such as eCommerce.

How much does Affluent Agency cost?

The course currently costs $1,497 which Jordan claims is a low cost and is simply the cost of one single paying client, which is true, it could be! But it's still a lot of money upfront especially in a business model that touts itself as a business model that anyone can start, often for free.

Jordan recommends using Paypal credit which is a buy now pay later option if you can't afford the course fee right now. As an ethical entrepreneur I discourage anyone from using this service to buy a course as you'll be paying off the balance for the next 6-12 months regardless of your success or failure in the course.

To convince you on the course there is a testimonial success wall and the ability to schedule a free coaching call with one of Affluent Agencies coaches.

Affluent Agency Refund Policy

Make sure you're fully aware of the refund policy. Like many digital courses, the refund policy is based on an action-based guarantee. You will be offered a 30 day refund based on your ability to follow the course steps.

They recon you can secure a client with a minimum of $500 within 30 days. If you stick to your sales targets and do not sign a client within this time, you shall receive a full refund on the purchase price.

You must schedule a call with their accountability team first and then follow sales targets 5 days per week. You must input your performance figures into their database every day so they can follow your progress.

If you don't do this, you can't claim a refund. Sounds confusing to me, but you can read the terms of service for a better understanding of the process.


Affluent Agency is a large conclusive smma course but it isn't even complete yet. The sales page mentions modules 6-11 are coming soon and in the mean time you get access to a social media mastery course instead. I'm not sure why you would launch an incomplete course. Given how much hype there is about this course, I would have expected a finished course.

The course is pretty expensive for most people who are looking to start a side hustle online. Remember buying a course is just one element, you still need money to create your business website, create your own ads to find clients and ultimately some money to use free trials to win clients over. Would you rather spend all your money on an expensive course or buy a cheaper course that offers the same level of training? 

As this is a new course the community is fairly limited compared with other courses that have been around for a while however the content is definitely relevant given Affluent Agency only launched in 2020. 

I'll be sure to update this review and include the other modules once they are available. If you're loving Jordan Platten content then this is a great course. If you want a cheaper alternative then there's far more smma courses out there that teach the exact same thing at a fraction of the price tag. 

My #1 SMMA Recommendation

Voted as the #1 course on for the last year, the smma blueprint is one of the most powerful social media marketing courses for starting your own agency from anywhere in the world. 

At a fraction of the price, they offer 75+ video lessons across a wide range of modules so you can start your own agency in days. You also get access to a community as well as on going coaching calls. 

The course is offered by two real agency owners who have proven experience in this business and will share real life examples.


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