How To Be An Affiliate Marketing Loser In 2019 (Top 5 Ways)

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started making online income but it’s also prone to being one of the most common ways that people try to make a quick buck by doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Fortunately for the vendors that do offer affiliate programs new technology and platforms will quickly catch out most affiliate losers.

An affiliate marketing loser is someone who signs up for multiple affiliate or CPA platforms at once and jumps around different offers until they find something that sticks for a few weeks until they either get banned or threatened with legal action. They’ll most likely have a shit ton of clicks or visits with few sales which usually gives them away.

So without further ado, here is the guide on how to be an affiliate marketing loser.

This guide is to encourage you to stay away from such tactics. If you are looking to start a genuine affiliate marketing business, there are plenty of ways to do so without being a loser. One of the best courses on the market right now is Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. I suggest you read my review and see how you can benefit from this monster affiliate marketing course.

1. Bidding On Brand Keywords

This is the most common way to ensure you become a loser in the affiliate marketing world. Remember when you sign up to an affiliate platform, you have to agree to ‘not bid on trademarks or brand names’ in major search engines?

Well for some the temptation to making a fast buck is too much and they’ll happily throw up a one page landing page and use the brand keywords and sometimes even the actual ad copy to make it look like the official site on Google Adwords or Bing Ads. They then usually add a fake discount code or special offer to hijack a genuine visitor into believing it’s the best offer to snag an affiliate sale.

Bidding for ‘Clickfunnels’ – For the record, there is no such discount.

You’ll probably get banned pretty quickly and previous commissions reversed. Believe it or not, other affiliate marketers who send lots of traffic to the same brand will be looking on Google everyday to catch people like you out and quickly report you.

2- Fake Coupon Sites

I’m sure you’ve seen them, you go looking for a discount code online and start seeing sites such as RetailMeNot with coupon codes promising unbelievable discounts. You then click on the offer and nothing happens, aha until you notice the affiliate section which now includes a mysterious user ID.

These sites are both annoying for visitors and genuine affiliates who ultimately get jacked at the last minute. I recently attended an affiliate marketing event and the main talking point was fake coupon sites that are flooding Google and Bing with no content and lots of fake coupons.

3. Email Spam

It’s probably the oldest trick in the book and despite many warnings, affiliate marketers will continue to try their luck at spamming offers to random email addresses and see if they get a few suckers to sign up.

More confident losers will even try and send emails pretending to be a popular affiliate marketer such as this loser who used John Chow’s name and reply to address which someone replied too revealing the scam to John.

Don’t be a loser and go out and buy an email list from Fiverr or a blackhat website and add those emails into an email client and send your emails. You’ll probably get IP banned pretty quickly and your affiliate platform will be able to tell due to your high click through and low conversion rate. You might even get caught up in a lawsuit too.

4. SMS Spam

It goes like this, you apply for a job that appears genuine on a platform such as Craiglist, Seek or Monster and hear absolutely nothing. No response whatsoever, but you’ve just had your personal information sold to someone who controls a master list of numbers which is sold to shady marketers.

Over the next few days for the rest of your life of your number you’re now going to receive personal SMS messages inviting you to play pokies, poker, lotto, betting, buy fake clothes and goodness knows what else by marketers out to make a fast buck.

As you can see below, paddy power copped a lot of stick when affiliates started spamming their offers to random phone numbers throughout the UK.

It’s annoying and you’ll probably earn the title of the biggest loser in the affiliate marketing world.

5. Cookie Stuffing

I’ve talked about the rise of cookie stuffing in a recent article and if you’d like to know more about the topic I’d suggest you have a read of that article. Cookie Stuffing is probably the lowest of low on this list.

This is when you make money from a commission that never resulted in a genuine click to the official website. For example you write a review on an Amazon product and simply add a small iframe on your website that loads your Amazon pixel and claim a commission if that visitor completes a sale in the next 24 hours.

Other examples include popunders, I’m sure you’ve seen them on large travel sites.

It’s brutal and costs genuine businesses millions every year but most of the time you can easily catch an affiliate cookie stuffer out as they will have a shit ton of clicks and no sales. A quick look at the referring page can reveal the source code and expose the fraud. Yes it’s fraud and many affiliate marketers have been caught out in the last few years.

If you want to be an affiliate marketing loser then cookie stuffing will earn you that title.

Be A Genuine Affiliate Marketer

Now you know how to be a loser and I told you not to do that shit, how about learning how to be a genuine affiliate marketer? There are many courses out there that will teach you how to do so but in my opinion the best and most affordable course is Savage Affiliates. Checkout my review here or buy the course. Get access to over 100+ videos on the world of affiliate marketing. Every aspect is covered in this monster course from a 7 figure marketer.

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