Affiliate Marketing Champ Review: ODI Productions Course Worth It?

Are you looking for a genuine review of ODI Productions main affiliate marketing course? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Today you’ll read my Affiliate Marketing Champ review and whether the course is worth it or not. At $997 it’s not the cheapest course but is it one of the best? Continue reading to find out.

ODI Productions is the name of the course creator and that’s his handle on Youtube and Instagram. He likes to flaunt his wealth with Lambo’s, luxury travel photos and words of inspiration. He’s regularly spotted with Tai Lopez and other serial product launchers that churn out poor courses for super high prices.

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Affiliate marketing champ is not ODI’s most recent course, which now costs $1,997. This is the original e-commerce course that many of my readers have been asking me to review. Is it worth the price or is it a super short course?

Affiliate Marketing Champ Review


There are 10 modules in total with 2 other sections on joining the Facebook group and applying as an affiliate for his course. I guess if you want to make your money back in the course you could always promote it? Each module just has one video averaging about 20 minutes.

Pretty short course, you do however get $10,000 worth of bonuses..

Self rated prices of course.

Module 1: My Story

It’s the usual B.S. video that introduces a course, how he’s gone from zero to hero and how you can do the same. The video is 26 minutes in length and you probably won’t learn anything here.. other than facts about his new lifestyle.

Module 2: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Well if you don’t know much about affiliate marketing you probably aren’t in a position to buy ODI Production’s course. Chances are you already know enough or what your plan of attack is going to be already.

If you don’t then you can watch the one video in this module which is just over 6 minutes in length explaining what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

I’ve seen Youtube videos with more value and written my own article on the subject too.

Module 3: Real Life Examples

This module starts to get a little bit interesting but it’s only 20 minutes of content talking about real life examples on people whom are crushing it with affiliate marketing. You’ll see people using Youtube, Instagram, Amazon, Review websites and bloggers that are making mega bucks through affiliate marketing.

This section might give you some inspiration on how to start your own affiliate business.

Module 4: Plan of Action

This module gives you an overview and a step by step plan of action on how you can create your very own successful affiliate marketing business from scratch. The video is 43 minutes in length and covers topics such as choosing a niche, creating your brand, starting a Youtube channel, creating a website, applying for affiliate networks, finding products to sell and creating content.

Again most of this can be found online for free or in other courses that actually spend more than 5 minutes discussing each aspect. If you did drop $997 on the course, this is the longest video in the course and is half the course already.

Module 5: Profitable Niches

This module is a little confusing as it goes back to similar content that was covered in module 3 (real life examples). You’ll learn the most profitable niches that ODI Productions recommends including:

  • High ticket offers
  • Blogging
  • Web Hosting
  • Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Travel
  • Luxury Goods.

If those topics seem obvious to you then I don’t blame you, these are the number one offers you constantly see in your newsfeeds or in native ads alongside news articles and Youtube ads. Regardless you can sit through 30 minutes of content here and get some more inspiration.

Module 6: SEO Tips

It always amuses me the lack of effort that guru’s place on SEO and in this course you’ll get a 23 minute video on how you can supposedly rank on the first page of Google. What a load of crock.

Given courses such as Nathan Gotch’s SEO Academy which spends hours and hours on the wonderful world of SEO, you definitely shouldn’t buy into the hype described in this course.

The ‘top secret method’ is old and will not work in 2019.

This is a beginners guide to SEO and given the price of the course it leaves a lot of questions you’ll probably end up searching online for anyway.

Module 7: Running Ads

You get a quick overview on how to run traffic ads using Google Adwords, Youtube Ads and Facebook Ads. There is no mention on where you’re sending traffic too as anyone who knows Adwords and Youtube properly knows you can’t just throw an affiliate link into an Ad and run traffic anymore.

There is a 23 minute video on this section. No mention on how to create landing pages, offers, funnels or anything really.

Module 8: Create Website

In one hour you’ll be able to create your own WordPress website using this video. Follow along as you buy a domain, register and configure your hosting. Pretty basic.

Module 9 & 10: Too Basic For A Mention

You can learn how to setup a Facebook Ad and the mistakes ODI Productions made so you can avoid doing the same.


There is a short video on joining the Facebook mastermind and also an opportunity to become an affiliate of Affiliate Marketing Champ.

ODI Productions Refund Policy

“We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a FULL refund, minus taxes and fees on the transaction (10% of total purchase price). You must have viewed less than 30% of the modules in order to qualify for a refund (doesn’t matter if you watched the video). Once you view over 30% of the modules, no refund can be given under ANY circumstances. If you are caught requesting a refund after the 14-day period after purchase OR after viewing over 30% of the modules, you will be REMOVED from the Facebook group and course without a refund at my discretion.”

So if you watch more than 3 modules your request for a refund will be denied. I suggest you consider this pretty outrageous refund policy before spending $997.

Final Verdict

It’s a super short course that’s seriously overpriced. If this course was even half the price I’d advise you to checkout other courses on the market. Heck even free videos on Youtube are a better option. If you compare the content to courses such as Tristan Broughton’s Product Winner Blueprint, Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites or Arie Scherson’s course this course is pretty embarrassing. The videos are so short, offer nothing of real value and are mostly theory.

I wonder why these reviews from his students have been deleted too?

That concludes my ODI Productions course review of Affiliate Marketing Champ. I recommend checking out another course or using free resources in FB groups, Youtube or Google search.

Best Affiliate Marketing Course

The best affiliate marketing course is Savage Affiliates. Checkout my review here or buy the course for only $197. Get access to over 100+ videos on the world of affiliate marketing. Every aspect is covered in this monster course from a 7 figure marketer.

12 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Champ Review: ODI Productions Course Worth It?”

  1. Funny, because I once contemplated dropping my hard-earned money on this course a couple months back, but I’m glad I didn’t; this review reaffirmed my decision not to buy the course, considering the price and what you get with it.

    Thanks for the review; I also purchased Savage Affiliates via your affiliate link. Looking forward to getting started

  2. It is interesting to note that many of the reviews for this course are positive (probably because of the high affiliate commission). Out of the 7 results on page 1 of Google, 3 are positiive. Two of the pages are the course’s official pages and the other 2 are either promoting wealthy affiliate or their own courses.

    I appreciate you for your honesty. I just wish that every blogger would be as ethical as you.

    • Module 10 in the course tells you how to promote his course as an affiliate, that’s why there is so many positive reviews.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Why haven’t you installed a ssl certificate on this blog? I think that it is affecting your rankings. Also Google is penalizing websites that don’t have a ssl certificate.

    • Hi Joel,

      I have an SSL certificate installed, I’m just not forcing https yet.

      There’s no conclusive evidence yet to suggest Google is penalizing sites yet. Most of my rankings are pretty good :D)

  4. Hi Rhys
    Just saw that you have reviewed kartra on this blog. Have you ever tried using builderall? It offers everything from sales funnels to email automation to webinar hosting. It has around 26 marketing tools and is priced at $30 per month.
    It also has a builderall business plan which costs $49 per month which allows us to promote it as an affiliate ( BTW it has a two tier affiliate system).
    It does look a little unbelievable. Would love to know your opinion.

  5. Hi Rhys,

    Thanks for the review.

    When you mentioned above that you wondered why a couple of the video reviews by a couple of Odi’s students had been deleted, what did you mean? I’m trying to understand if you’re implying that the videos were deleted because they were negative or because you feel like the students didn’t feel right promoting the course due to it being overpriced?


    • Hi Christian,

      I believe they were either fake or Fiverr ones that were removed by Youtube or the users themselves. Alternatively premium members joined their affiliate program, produced an OTT review and then thought better of it when they made no sales. Whatever the outcome it seems strange to have two videos and both are no longer on the web.


  6. I thank you for this review I was thinking on going with it but now Iā€™m not going to spend that much money when I can go to Udemy courses for like 12.00 bucks and learn just as much

  7. Thanks for the review. Definitely helped me on deciding whether or not to purchase the course. It does seem to be overpriced based on your comments.


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