Affiliate Evolution Review: ODI Productions 3rd Course Worth It?

For those in the know, ODI Productions launched his 3rd affiliate marketing course this week called, Affiliate Evolution which is a 4 week masterclass that will set you back $997.

ODI talks a big game, he has the nice house, the Lambo, white Porsche and claims to show you everything you need to succeed with affiliate marketing. So why does he keep launching courses that cost $997?

If he’s making money with affiliate marketing, he doesn’t need 3 courses that teach the exact same thing.

The three courses are:

  • Affiliate Marketing Champ
  • Passive Income Lifestyle
  • Affiliate Evolution

A lease on a lambo is quite expensive, I guess.

Like all his courses, he claims you get lifetime access but rather than updating existing courses, he launches new ones, with very similar content under different brand names.

Affiliate Evolution claims to offer real life case studies.

What can you expect to learn from a $997 affiliate marketing course that you couldn’t find for free on Youtube or in another course that costs $97,$197 or even $297?

Let’s find out.

Affiliate Evolution Review

affiliate evolution review

Currently new signups get 20% off the $997 price. The course is hosted on the Teachables platform which means the videos and quality is usually pretty good.

This course is no exception, the quality is high.

However, the course is super short! Week 1 was very basic.

As mentioned earlier Affiliate Evolution is a four week course and on sign up you only get access to the first two weeks. That means you need to wait for weeks three and four.

Course Content

If you buy Affiliate Evolution you get access to two case studies and a sales funnel and email template used to make money with affiliate marketing.

This is a paid traffic affiliate process.

You will need to spend money on ads. This is on top of the course fee you just paid. It’s not clear on the sales page but this isn’t organic affiliate marketing, search engine optimization or content marketing.

This is running paid traffic to a landing page, then an email sequence and then an affiliate offer.

The content is very similar to Commission Hero which also cost $997 and was created by supposedly the largest Clickbank marketer in the world.

Case Study #1

You will learn how to promote a recurring affiliate program that earns ODI $4,000 per month.

Yes $4,000 per month, that’s not much for a 7 figure affiliate marketer.

It’s about promoting Clickfunnels. Sigh. Everyone seems to be promoting this offer.

Case Study #2

How to turn a passion into a full time business and make money online.

This case study is about how he created his headphones Amazon Associates business which has been featured in his other courses too. This has also been covered on his Youtube channel and website.

So you get two short case studies on how ODI created affiliate marketing businesses fast. So now everyone that buys the course is going to be doing the same thing..

It’s not as easy as you think it might be!

Refund Policy

You must have accessed less than 50% of the modules in order to qualify for a refund. Once you access over 50% of the modules, no refund can be given under ANY circumstances.

So if you watch the first two weeks and decide it’s not for you, you’ve voided your refund before even watching the last two weeks. Pretty crafty if you ask me.

Final Verdict

This is a short four week course that includes two case studies. ODI Productions has launched many courses, these methods aren’t new and case study #1 is about promoting Clickfunnels. You can google that company and you’ll find a sh*t ton of free training on how to do it without a course.

Case Study #2 is about creating an Amazon Associates business reviewing products such as headphones on a website and Youtube videos. This is how ODI made his money back in the day, he likes to talk about this on his channel and website so unsure why it’s now been converted to a case study for $997.

You then get the same templates and email scripts as every other member.

This is not the course for you if you’re trying to learn affiliate marketing. This is a paid traffic course, you run ads to a lander and then redirect them to an offer.

ODI talks a big game, he’s got a lavish lifestyle that claims to be from affiliate marketing but it’s fairly obvious it’s been generated from selling these affiliate marketing courses such as Affiliate Evolution.

Why does he keep launching new courses? Why not just update the 1st course and give existing users access to the new content as he says ‘lifetime access.’

How To Actually Learn Affiliate Marketing?

You want a course that is actually going to teach you the entire process, not just a case study. How to find a niche, buy a domain, hosting, setup the site, find a monetization method and signup for networks, search engine optimization, getting organic, paid and influencer traffic, then growing your site, outsourcing content, selling your site and repeating the process.

Then you want a Facebook group to chat with other students about problems, tips and tricks. Then you want live webinars with someone who can answer questions and finally you probably don’t want to spend more than a couple hundred bucks for over 100+ videos and 10+ hours of content?

Yes? Well Savage Affiliates is the best affiliate marketing course right now and is being updated to version 2 in the next few weeks so you get even more content for the same price. That’s a true definition of ‘lifetime access’ not a course that relaunches three times and costs 4 figures.

You can read my review and decide for yourself.

There’s really no comparison.