Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Review: 21 Reasons To Buy Now!

Are you looking for a new income opportunity? Have you heard of Franklin Hatchett and his new course, Affiliate Atlas Blueprint and wondering what it's all about?

I bought the course, went through the content and have provided a full run down on the 21 reasons I recommend you buy this course too.

I've been burned many times before when it comes to online courses. Most are expensive and claim to offer a golden cash cow opportunity to make money almost overnight. 

I've spent thousands buying these courses, and reviewing them on this blog. They simply don't work. 

Then I found Franklin Hatchett and his Affiliate Atlas course, which is much more affordable, yet offers a genuine way to start an affiliate marketing business, without all the hype and BS. 


Ranked #1 out of 11 affiliate courses (See full list here)


Longest, most impressive course with real life examples and results.


17 hours, 41 minutes


Standard ($197) | Ultimate ($297)


Late 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #1 out of 11 affiliate courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Longest, most impressive course with real life examples and results
  • Length: 17 hours, 41 minutes
  • Price: Standard ($197) | Ultimate ($297)
  • Updated: Late 2020
  • Rating: 5/5

Proof That I’m A Student

I think it's important to show you that I am actually a student of Affiliate Atlas Blueprint. You see there's so many fake reviews out there, either claiming the course is bad and then recommending an alternative, or they simply rehashed the sales page.

Important: I was one of the first to enrol in this course in December 2020. I wanted to be able to review this for my readers, so I was willing to pay up straight away. 

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work In 2021?

Of course it does. 

Anyone who tells you it's dead or doesn't work, often has a better alternative to sell you. Whether that's Wealthy Affiliate, Local Lead Gen or something else. 

It goes like this: 

They claim to not be an affiliate for Franklin's course. They then think this makes them more reputable. They then go on to rip the course apart. Then at the bottom says, buy my local lead generation course or join this membership site instead. They aren't an affiliate, but they also have something better to sell you, so be very careful of these people.

Affiliate marketing works. It all depends on your niche, traffic source and desire to work hard. Unfortunately it's unlikely you'll see overnight success, but you can definitely make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. Last month I made $33,789 from my own websites.

What Does Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Include?

You currently get access to 9 modules, as well as 4 bonus videos. These are hosted on the Kajabi platform, ensuring videos look and feel amazing on all devices.

Here's a look inside the members area.

affiliate atlas blueprint review

These modules are:

  • 0: Affiliate Marketing Introduction
  • 1: Affiliate Products To Promote
  • 2: Building Website Asset
  • 3: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
  • 4: ClickFunnels With Websites
  • 5: SEO Google Traffic
  • 6: The Funnel Academy
  • 6-2: Email Automation Academy
  • 7: Done For You Affiliate Systems
  • 8: Free Traffic Training
  • 9: Paid Traffic Training
  • Bonus 1: Frank & Student Case Study
  • Bonus 2: Launch Jacking / Web Hosting
  • Bonus 3: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Bonus 4: Extra Free Gifts

21 Reasons Why You Need Affiliate Atlas Blueprint

Grab a coffee, you'll quickly see why this is the best affiliate course for you to join.


1. Franklin Hatchett Is An Expert

Franklin is based in New Zealand, and has been in this space for many years. He's built up a huge following of over 352k subscribers on Youtube with 18 million views on his videos.

The most important step first as to why you should buy his course is that he is a proven expert in this field. Franklin has been doing affiliate marketing since 2015.

Beneath his videos, those links are often affiliate links. Sometimes he's promoting Bluehost, Amazon and others it's email marketing tools such as Getresponse and Clickfunnels. 

Speaking of ClickFunnels, Franklin is a two comma club award winner which means he's transacted over a million dollars via his sales funnels, which comprise affiliate marketing and eCommerce. 

I'm still a long way off my own two comma club award, but I'm on track! 

2. There’s 3,700+ Other Students

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint is not just a course, but a community of like minded affiliate marketers who share knowledge, tips and tricks, ask for help and connect with each other.

When buying an affiliate marketing course it's important to join an established community. 

Every day new questions are asked, new members join and it is another reason you should consider buying this course vs the competitors that don't have this feature. 

At the time of writing there was over 3,700 students. This tells you that many others have, and will continue to buy this course for the foreseeable future.

3. There’s Many Successful Students

To protect the identities of the students that have shared their success stories I've removed their last names, but here's a small handful of the recent success stories in the community group.

I think it's important to share these as they aren't cherry picked from the course sales page, and are real people, whom have started real affiliate marketing businesses. 

4. It Only Costs $197 - $297

The course usually costs a lot more but right now you can secure a 50% discount. 

One of the main reasons I bought affiliate atlas blueprint was the price. It's super affordable and an impulse buy for most people. 

When combined with the money back guarantee (see point 4) it's easy to see why so many people jump at the opportunity, there's really no risk (if you do the work). 

The course is a tax deduction too. That's right, you can write the whole thing off as training for your business. So while you may see it as money upfront, it's a deduction of $300 on your tax bill. Just remember to keep the receipt and declare it during your tax return. 

5. Exceptional 30 Day Money Back

Franklin offers a 30 day money back period.

This is an action based refund policy, so you will need to do some work after watching the videos. 

6. Many different Affiliate business models

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint offers up a range of affiliate marketing business models. 

For example you've got affiliate website creation. That's the method I use. I build out mini micro websites in popular and unpopular niches.

We provide content and then monetise this with advertisements and affiliate links. 

Top Tip: I personally believe this is the best way to make money with affiliate marketing. Not only are you building an asset that you could easily sell for 20-30X revenue, but you're going to be able to rank for thousands of different long tail keywords.

You don't have to do this method if you don't want, there's others such as creating a landing page for an affiliate offer and then running paid or social traffic. You can make money within hours.

Then there's other options such as creating a Youtube channel. 

But fear not you don't even need to put your face on camera as Franklin shows you how to combat this with unique alternatives. 

Then there's a few other options, so there's many different affiliate marketing business models to choose from, all with full step-by-step over the shoulder training videos. 

7. Build an affiliate website from A-to-Z

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint covers the entire process of choosing a niche, then building a micro niche website using the Bluehost platform. 

You'll learn the entire process from installing and configuring WordPress, through to domain name selection and setup. 

You'll learn how to pick a fast loading theme which is critical to your success. 

This is module 2, you'll find videos on these topics:

  • Choosing a domain name
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing the best plugins 
  • Choosing a fast loading theme
  • Adding articles to website
  • Creating pages, widgets
  • Collecting emails on your website

Top Tip: Every week I start a new website, can you believe it? But now I have over 70 assets that are all making money while I sleep. Some only make $100 a month, while others make over $20,000. When you add it all up, it's well over $30,000 per month! 

8. Pick hot affiliate offers

You'll learn how Franklin researches and chooses the best affiliate offers and partners to work with. 

Let me tell you that the highest paying offer definitely isn't the best offer. You want a high converting landing page, or product that is hot in demand.

You'll get a run down on different platforms including Amazon Associates, Shareasale, Commission Junction, Clickbank and JVZoo to name a few. 

Frank recommends you checkout: Module 1 for Affiliate products to promote, then module 3 for digital affiliate products to promote on platforms such as Clickbank. 

9. Grow your website fast

Learn how to churn out content like a superstar, either by writing yourself, using dictation services (with a microphone), or by hiring freelance writers. 

You'll learn how to grow your website by creating EAT content that Google loves, including the entire process of article layout and setup. 

Top Tip: For most people this is the hardest part. If you have a budget you can outsource this to a freelancer, or you can write it yourself. Additionally you could choose a different affiliate marketing model such as funnels and paid ads.

10. Learn Search Engine Optimization like a boss

If you can learn the power of Search Engine Optimization (now SEO for short), you can take advantage of a world of free traffic using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It's not as easy as it sounds, with many factors to consider such as content tags, content quality, content experience, page load time and a robust link building process. 

Franklin shows you how to optimize your website for search engines so you'll be ranking your website in Google fast and hopefully getting a ton of traffic.

A good website and lots of traffic = money in the bank bro!

Top Tip: I once managed to rank #1 for a VPN related keyword. I managed to make over $9,000 in 24 hours by simply recommending a VPN provider for a special event. It took a lot of hard work but the income potential is phenomenal. 

11. Become a Facebook Ads Master

One of the quickest ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to run a paid ad directly to a landing page which captures an email address then redirects them to an affiliate offer.

You can then retarget these people with a follow up email. 

You'll learn how to create a Facebook / Instagram ad campaign from start to finish, including:

  • How to setup FB ads/pixel
  • Using the $5 per day method
  • Extensive audience videos (broad/flex)
  • Creating ads that convert
  • Scaling ads effectively
  • Using video ads
  • Retargeting
  • Manual bidding, data mining

Most importantly you'll be learning from someone who spends over $1 million dollars per year on Facebook Ads, wow!

12. Create killer sales funnels

This module is new for version 2.0 and includes a wealth of content on how to create a sales funnel. The conventional way was to send a user to a cart page and collect payment.

Funnels allow you to collect payment then up sell them on other products with one click of a mouse

But Franklin actually uses funnels purely for lead capture, almost like a gateway page. You can't promote a lot of affiliate offers directly on Facebook, so gateway pages help solve this problem.

In this section you'll learn: 

  • Creating a Clickfunnels account
  • Editing a step by step funnel
  • Integrating funnels with Shopify
  • Adding tracking pixels
  • Integrating with Facebook Ads retargeting.

You can try ClickFunnels free, for 14 days with this link

13. Master Google Ads like a pro

Google Ads and shows you the pros and cons of using this platform vs Facebook Ads. You could however use both platforms just like Franklin.

Videos here include setting up Google Ads, navigating around the platform, installing Google pixel, retargeting campaigns, keyword research, ad layout and structure optimization.

Franklin has gone and overhauled this module and now there’s five videos on Google Shopping and even a module on scaling with time.

The value in this module is insane, there is no other course on the market that goes into this much detail with Google and Facebook Ads, all in this price range.

14. Drive Traffic With FREE Platforms

You get over 30 videos in module 8 which actually shows you how to drive free traffic using various platforms and features including:

  • Creating and running a Facebook group
  • Creating and uploading Youtube videos
  • Ranking Youtube videos
  • Youtube otpimization strategies
  • Youtube affiliate marketing
  •  Forum traffic growth hacking
  • free traffic techniques
  • Instagram viral traffic methods.

Top Tip: Don't think you need lots of money to start affiliate marketing. I know many people who have started with $100 and scaled their business to make over $1,000 per month in a few months. Obviously the higher the budget the faster you can see results.

15. Retarget Using Email Marketing

Franklin Hatchett offers some of the best email marketing training you'll find. 

If you're on his email list already you'll know what I mean, he's always got something to share with his subscribers, offering value and then retargeting them again with his courses and training.

You can do the same in your affiliate business. 

You'll learn how to do the following:

  • Create a Getresponse account
  • Integrate with Clickfunnels API
  • Create a domain email address
  • Create a contact list
  • Setup simple newsletters/broadcasts
  • Reduce your spam rating
  • Setting up email automation.

Without email marketing your visitor could be gone forever if they don't pull the trigger and buy the product or service you're promoting. So I recommend adding this to your website, and definitely including it on your landing page or sales funnel. 

16. There’s 10 Real Life Case Studies

Often courses fail to actually show you the successes of the creator, but not here. Franklin has included real case studies that show him making up to $80,000 in affiliate commissions.

You'll get to see case studies such as, making money with Clickfunnels, making commissions on website blogs, as well as a student who is making $19,000. This is a 4 part series. 

Additionally you get 3 bonus case study examples of Franklin's work. It's great to see Franklin being so open and honest about his earnings, which helps beginners to learn from.

17. Full Amazon Affiliate Website Training

One of the easiest ways to make money as an affiliate is to setup an Amazon website. You'll make money from Amazon Associates when someone clicks through and buys something on Amazon.

You get an entire section (bonus module) which includes the following topics:

  • Creating an Amazon Associates account
  • Market research on similar sites
  • Choosing a niche to target
  • Understanding buyer intent keywords
  • The power of the word FOR
  • Ideal products to promote
  • Structuring your website
  • Basic way to find a niche
  • Simple way to find new products
  • Creating content
  • Real life examples for 3 products.

I started an Amazon affiliate website by following the advice in Affiliate Atlas Blueprint, and last month it made over $6,700 in profit. I didn't spend a dime on this website last month. 

18. Launch Jacking & Web Hosting Methods

One of the easiest ways to make money fast is by launch jacking and it's one of the oldest tricks in the book, but still works today. 

Franklin goes through the entire process of what it is and how to setup your website, creating content and writing epic reviews so you win those big ticket commissions. 

Plus you'll learn how to make serious money as a web hosting affiliate. Platforms such as Bluehost, pay upwards of $150 per new subscriber. You'll learn how to get commissions and drive traffic using free traffic sources such as Pinterest, Facebook Groups as well as your own website. 

I regularly make $150 per new subscriber on Bluehost by creating guides such as, "How to start a blog" or, "how to create an affiliate website fast." You can do the same. 

19. Get Franks Affiliate Marketing Funnels

It's much easier to take what's working and apply it to your own business. Franklin gives all super members access to his secret done for you affiliate marketing funnels.

You'll need a Clickfunnels account and can then incorporate his funnels into your account with 1 click. Franklin claims to have developed a funnel that has an 80% optin rate. 

Additionally there's training in module 4 on using Clickfunnels like a boss!

Clickfunnels costs $97 - $297 per month, but you can get a 14 day trial here. There are many other cheaper alternatives you can consider too.

20. Access To Real Success Stories

The Facebook community group is full of successful entrepreneurs that have applied what was taught in the course. I'm one of those too, I started and now make a serious income online.

You can ask questions and get answers from experts in this group. 

Even if you need guidance you'll definitely get it in the community.

21. Franklin Isn’t A Fake Guru!

The last point is definitely the most important. As you're scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you'll no doubt come across youngsters standing in front of supercars, luxury yachts claiming to offer an online business opportunity. 

Franklin lives in New Zealand and if you've followed his social media, leads a modest life. There's no supercars or private planes in sight. He doesn't need to stoop to the levels of those 'fake gurus'

Head over to Youtube channels such as Coffeezilla and you'll know what I mean. These scam gurus are promoting very expensive courses to continue to fund their Instagram lifestyle. Most have never actually started an affiliate or dropshipping business.

Franklin is a normal guy, with great business skills.

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Packages

We have reviewed the Super Pack which costs $297 one time (no recurring payment). 

I recommend buying the full version as the standard edition is missing some key modules, as well as lacking in the following areas:

  • Step-by-step ClickFunnels academy
  • ClickFunnels marketing funnels
  • Pre-made one click import funnels
  • Launch Jacking & Web Hosting blueprints.

You can always upgrade from the Standard to Ultimate plan at a later date, however it can take time so better to buy it from day one. 

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Pros & Cons


  • Over 100+ high quality videos in HD
  • Instantly access all modules and training material anywhere
  • Franklin is an expert in his field and knows his stuff
  • Over 3700 other students in the community group
  • Learn 5 different types of affiliate marketing models
  • Stellar price, up to 5x cheaper than competitors.


  • No sub titles on the videos
  • Could go a little deeper in some parts


Affiliate Atlas Blueprint is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there right now. The price is super affordable and it's a tax deduction which is even better.

There's over 100+ high quality over the shoulder videos that will show you how to start a business online. The real benefit for me is the community you're joining which can help you learn and develop your business.

Is there a Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Coupon?

There is a $300 discount on the sales page currently. There is no additional coupon codes, promo codes, special offers or vouchers currently available. 

Anyone claiming to offer a coupon code is most likely lying to you. 

There is no coupon code, the best price is on the sales page

Is Affiliate Atlas Blueprint a Scam?

Of course not. There's a full money back guarantee (action based) and over 3,700 other students. There's plenty of positive feedback online.

You can checkout our readers reviews below and see what they think too. 

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