7 Figure Skills Review: High Ticket Drop Shipping AJ Jomah

It’s rare for a drop shipping course to launch that focuses primarily on high ticket profits but before you go out and spend $1297 – $5997 on one of his packages, do you really need a course that’s labelled as high ticket or is it simply a drop shipping course rebranded differently?

The course operates on a domain called DropshipSkills.com

Today we’re looking at 7 figure skills which is a course by AJ Jomah who offers three packages, a standard package which is $1297, a hold my hand premium academy for $2497 and a done for you solution which costs $5997.

For those that don’t know AJ Jomah is a serial product launcher and over the years has piped out a whole range of courses including Amazon FBA and Print on Demand but this most recent course teaches you to sell high ticket items using Google Shopping Ads.

He claims everything changed for him when he started selling high ticket items and now makes a serious income online. That makes sense so he launches a course with some astronomical price tags for starting a Shopify e-commerce store.

Google Ads is a great traffic source for finding buyer related keywords and cash hungry surfers ready to buy and this will allow you to take full advantage by spending your funds on that traffic source. Some high ticket items such as furniture can sell for $2,000-$20,000 easily.

From experience high ticket items are much harder to sell and if you’re just starting out you should look at low-to-medium priced products which are covered in other courses. You definitely don’t need to sell cheap Aliexpress junk but you can work with local suppliers.

Problems With High Ticket Drop Shipping

One of the major problems that most people don’t realise is that you’re taking the payment from the customer. If there is a warranty claim or the product is damaged, it’s up to you to sort out a replacement and refund your customer. What happens when your supplier doesn’t respond or won’t refund you?

If your buyer disputes a transaction through Stripe and you lose, then you do the same with your supplier and you also lose?

Aside from losing a great supplier, you’re also going to lose the entire purchase price. Now imagine if that was a $10k product.

If you’ve spent that money on fulfilling orders or running ads you can quickly hit the red and go under.

Now imagine if you’d sold a $100 product, the implications are far less serious and you could use your personal money to bail yourself out.

Most people simply forget about the risks involved with high ticket drop shipping.

Yes there is a high profit to be made but there is a high risk things could go tits up for you.

What You’ll Learn In 7 Figure Skills

  • How to learn the ins and outs of high ticket drop shipping
  • How to get high conversion rates
  • How to find unique products no one else is selling on Google Ads
  • How to find high paying buyers with laser targeted traffic
  • How to build high converting stores using Clickfunnels
  • How to make $300 profit per sale.

7 Figure Skills Review

7 figure skills review

I bought the standard package. $5997 for someone to create a drop shipping store for you sounds too good to be true and is probably the same store for every client with a few different products loaded up. I’d much rather spend that additional money learning, building and running my own traffic.

The $2497 package includes 30 days of unlimited coaching which I doubt is unlimited at all and probably isn’t 1-2-1.

Module 1: What Makes A Good Product To Sell Online

In this opening module you’ll learn how to choose the right product or niche to promote. You’ll also learn the step-by-step methods AJ Jomah uses to find the best products to sell. I have to say some of the videos were fairly basic while others were new focuses I hadn’t considered before.

There’s a myths section on the common issues people face and how to overcome them. There’s also a video on how to brainstorm ideas and new markets to enter.

Lastly you can download plan of attacks, action plan guides and worksheets for each module.

This section was fairly basic and given the price of the course I expected more punch.

Module 2. Brainstorming Product Ideas

This section expands on the first module and gives a real life case study on how a single product can generate over 100k per month. Remember if you’re drop shipping as $1,000 product that is only 100 sales compared with the 10,000 you’d need for a $10 product to make the same margins.

You can use Aj Jomah’s trademarked online tool to get ideas fast and how you can use these to brain storm further.

There’s a report which includes 214 high ticket and low ticket drop ship product ideas. Probably all saturated now due to all members getting access to the same content.

You can download a product picking worksheet on finding hot new products.

Module 3: Validating Your Niche & Finding Suppliers

This module looks at Google Ads and how to find the best pricing for your products. You’ll also learn how to find winning niches and again there is a reference to his online tool for finding a winning niche and product. There’s also a 4,000 supplier directory which looks similar to Salehoo that you get access too.

There’s a video on a sneaky trick to find what’s working for your competitors.

Lastly there is another action plan and worksheets to complement the videos.

Module 4: Creating Your Store

Finally some content that you can actually action yourself including:

  • Setting up your Shopify store with a complete over the shoulder training
  • Best templates for conversions (checkout my guide on that topic too)
  • How to give your store maximum exposure
  • Branding and logo setup
  • 9 Shopify plugins for automation and productivity
  • Boosting conversions with email automation and abandoned carts.

There is also plan of actions and worksheets for this module.

Most of the content in this module is available in pretty much every Shopify course out there.

Module 5: Supplier Approval & Research

This module includes videos on the following topics:

  • How to find and use suppliers within the USA
  • How to find new suppliers anywhere in the world
  • Scripts and email templates for contacting suppliers
  • 21 step process for dealing with suppliers
  • Working and using drop ship reseller agreements.

It’s important to note here that if you’re not an American citizen or don’t have an offshore company in Wyoming or Delaware it’s unlikely local US drop shippers will actually work with you as you won’t have a local reseller ID or Social Security Number. There is no mention of this in the course.

This is the main reason why so many people look towards Aliexpress as there is no requirements.

I’ve written a good article on how to setup a US business from overseas.

Module 6: Store Optimization

This module looks at how to optimize your store and get higher conversions. You’ll also get a few templates for your about, contact, shipping and returns page. I don’t actually recommend using these for SEO purposes given everyone’s site will have the same content and can be a negative aspect in Google’s eyes.

Be original and write your own content.

You’ll also get templates for email follow ups and tips for increasing conversions.

Module 7: Email & Automation

This module includes a few videos on email marketing and automation.

Nothing ground breaking here and is the same as every other course and free Youtube videos.

Module 8: Traffic Overview

This section includes everything you need to know about Google Ads and Google Shopping.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Setup your very irst ad campaign the correct way
  • Google hacks for getting cheap traffic
  • Using your ad budget effectively
  • A free coaching call with AJ Jomah or his associates on Google Shopping.

Module 9: Facebook Advertising

I think this section was thrown in at the end as most people know high ticket drop shipping simply does not work with Facebook traffic. These people are browsing around wasting their lives away on social media. Do you really think they are going to buy a $2,000 piece of furniture in the process?

This section does make sense if you’re using retargeting which is covered.

Facebook Mastermind

The online community claims to be worth $1997 which I find hard to believe. The group doesn’t seem to be very active either.

Refund Policy

You get a full 30 day no questions asked guarantee through Stripe should you want a refund. I couldn’t find any terms or conditions to indicate you had to prove you’re completed the action steps t get a refund like most of these so called mastermind courses.

Final Verdict

This course is overhyped and comes from a master of ad copy AJ Jomah. If you look at who he associates with you’ll see they all launch huge courses on the latest trends and then simply move on to the next big thing once they’ve cashed out.

The course does offer some positives and lots of content but it’s far too short and lacks clear diversity from other courses.

The three packages are pretty similar but one offers 30 days of coaching for an additional $1200 and the other offers a done for you package which also includes the entire store setup, product section, traffic campaigns, two tickets to the annual beacj retreat (whatever that is) and 12 months of group coaching and accountability calls.

It sounds too good to be true and I think it will be. Ultimately you still have to pay to run traffic so you’ll need far more money up front than the course suggests to actually start making money. Even then you’ll need to make back $6k before you’re back in the green.

As I mentioned earlier high ticket drop shipping isn’t a great starting place for beginners and intermediates as you can quickly find yourself deep in debt if a sale goes sour and you can’t get your supplier to work things out fast. As the person taking payment from your customer, it’s your liability to provide a refund or replacement, not your supplier.

One or two disputes with payment providers such as Stripe could see them remove your account due to your high level of risk and if you’re not based in the US it’s unlikely any local supplier will work with you without a social security number or reseller ID.

A Better Solution

I recommend anyone considering of dropping this much cash into a drop shipping course to look at alternatives such as eCom Elites which cost $197-$297 and offer the same level (if not better) value and a large community of over 10,000 students. Then I’d spend the $1700 I’d just saved on learning everything I could possibly need to know about Shopify, Clickfunnels and drop shipping and start my Facebook Ad campaign and learn, test and split test $1700 and I’d still be saving money. I’d hope you’d make money during that initial $1700 too.

I’m not going to simply drop an affiliate link for eCom elites. Read my review and be your own judge.

[wp-review id=”3825″]
Best Drop Ship Course
I’ve reviewed a ton of drop ship courses over the last year and the best course for 2019 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 185+ videos of powerful content on everything from the basics of drop shipping through to product selection and of course over 50 Facebook ads videos. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.


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6 thoughts on “7 Figure Skills Review: High Ticket Drop Shipping AJ Jomah”

  1. Hi Rhys just curious what is your recommendation for the best high ticket drop shipping course? I know you recommended ecom elites as the top overall dropshipping course but if someone wanted to get into high ticket dropshipping what course would you recommend? Thanks.

    • I don’t believe there is a course specifically targeted at high ticket that I’d recommend. Most are overpriced and offer little to no value. If you can drop ship low end products and have cashflow to fall back on, I can’t see why you would need a specific course on high ticket items. The concept is the same, just the element of risk is far greater.

  2. 7 figure Skils is a complete scam and waste of money if you hear the name A.J Jomah run away. I signed up for his done for you package $5000 and it was useless full of holes and then his partner J Ketsu left him so he had to take down the Facebook part which was useless and he redid all the training videos and started talking about Ali Express. He also promised running traffic to your first campaign, setting up Google ad words and doing the copy. After you pay the money which he said to take a business chance no refunds he delivered nothing. Seriously, he’s been banned from going into people’s Google accounts. So he did a video so you could do it yourself. Not the same. A friend of mine we purchased together spent $20,000 Store in a box which promises unique product to do over $100,000 a year got nothing and after 3 months the store wasn’t built so they gave her a refund because they couldn’t deliver after months of harassing them.

    • Hi Lyn,

      Since you have signed up and gone through, can you provide some inputs and let us know who if you are really been able to make good money and recover.


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