7 Figure eCom Angels Review: Can You Build A 100K Funnel?

Would you pay $997 for a funnel building course that claims to offer 25+ winning products hand picked by the guru’s behind 7 figure ecom angels? If dozens of other people bought the same course, would those products get saturated? Probably.

Regardless, 7 figure ecom angels membership program claims to show you the best handpicked products, matching upsells that go along with front end offer and the entire funnel including bulletproof sales copy, enhanced Facebook ad campaigns for each product including audience demographics and targeting interests.

You also get 3 months unlimited access to storeless which is a cloud based ecom funnel software that you can’t publically buy any more and it’s unclear how much the ongoing cost actually is. The original sales page was $69 for a yearly subscription.

If you choose their premium plan You’ll also get lifetime access to their ads explorer software and unlimited access to their entire 2018 done for you ecom funnels catalogue consisting of over 60 sets of eCom products, sales pages, FB ad campaigns and of course the upsells that go with that.

You also get access to the All-inOne eCommerce & marketing suite LITMOX which is launching in February 2019.

Unannounced bonuses include lifetime access to Ads Sniper Software.

7 Figure eCom Angels Review

7 Figure eCom Angels Review

The sales page shows lots of flashy images of Facebook ad campaigns but I question whether you’re actually going to be able to use these previous ‘winning products’ if there are lots of people enrolled in the course. This is very similar to product research platforms yet costs $997-$1297 for the experience.

Still you will get a great overview into proven winning products that are/were making money and you can replicate something similar in your own niche.

I was interested to see some health product case studies which Facebook is very skeptical about advertisers promoting so be careful if you list similar products.

The course sales page claims your purchase does come with a 100% risk free 30 day money back guarantee which is complete bullshit as the sales page says this:

however, if you want a refund, we’ll ask for proof that you deployed at least 3 campaigns and nothing worked, once we have verified proof, we’ll refund you every penny.
Given the price tag, there are far better funnel training programs out there, even Russell Brunson offers free training.
Full review coming soon. 

3 thoughts on “7 Figure eCom Angels Review: Can You Build A 100K Funnel?”

  1. This course is a fraud. It’s fake. They are taking your money and not responding to any emails.

    The Software does not work, it’s full of bugs. You cannot get a single funnel up and running properly and you don’t even have access to some of the main features.

    The support is zero. I’ve been sending emails to them for a long time but no support at all.

    Don’t buy this course

  2. I agree with the above comment. Stay away

    No idea what this 7 figure angels course is all about. As mentioned in this review, it looks like $997+ course is based on using the storeless app.

    I bought storeless.io last year when they released it for $69. Seemed so powerful and simple to use but was so glitchy it was unusable. I too sent many, many emails to support – all were ignored. Got so fed up that I asked for a refund…which I never got.

    Storeless.io went from having 128k monthly visitors last year to 2k visitors now. I’m guessing this guy Precious (yes that seems to be his name) is hoping to revive his crappy site but it doesn’t look like he’s made any improvements.

    Like Rhys implied…ClickFunnels is far superior and the real deal, albeit at a considerable cost!

  3. I had to check out their legitimacy because I’ve just been watching the first few minutes of their so-called ‘live’ webinar. Only thing is, I stopped it 4 or 5 times and each time it started at the beginning: so, obviously not live. With that in mind, where were all these people who he claimed were logging into the webinar? Presumably in his imagination. DO NOT BUY!!!!!


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