7 Figure Agency Sales System Review: Michael Laurens Course

Today we'll be looking at Michael Laurens smma course called, 7 figure agency sales systems which claims to be a straight forward system to get booked appointments, close clients and scale your business. 

The course is designed for agency owners, entrepreneurs and service providers who already sell online but want to explode their pipeline with over 300 appointments every single month. 

It's a bold claim, but the course claims to offer a specific system to help you generate 20 to 30 new appointments every single day that will help you step away from your sales process and offload it to your team. 

7 figure agency sales system offers 50+ video lessons across a wide range of different topics from hiring appointment setters, professional sales reps and more. Michael claims it's a 4 step process to get appointments, close deals and scale your business. 

Currently the course costs $7,000 (June 2020). You get access to the course content, as well as lifetime updates, 3 bonuses and access to the private Facebook community. 

Additionally, as long as you do your homework, follow the content and show you made an effort, you'll be entitled to a 30 day refund of your money, should you wish.

Who is Michael Laurens?

Michael is the owner of ML Enterprises which was a social media marketing agency that supported him during his college years. He went on to become a partner in a $100 million dollar blockchain consultancy company. 

Now he's focused on helping other entrepreneurs online start and grow their own online businesses through his teaching and coaching. There's many success stories of his students online and he also offers free advice and mentorship through his 3,500+ Facebook community group. 

7 Figure Agency Sales System Overview

Those sitting on the fence will be pleased to know there is a free training available which shows you how to close 5 to 10 new clients every month on autopilot. 

This is a webinar style training and is being used on his Facebook and Youtube ads to generate leads for those who might purchase the full course. If you like what you see on the free training you can go premium.

I have to admit, I really like Michael's teaching style. He's straight to the point, no wishy washy boring old sales pitch, he gives away value and that will always result in sales. I watched his video on the sales page with him and Jeff Miller and I was really captivated. 

In fact it's been a long time since I watched something so powerful and intriguing that I had to watch the entire 57 minutes. It's rare that I do, as there's a lot of BS out there. 

7 Figure Agency Sales System Review

7 Figure Agency Sales System

The course and content is hosted on Clickfunnels which is a little buggy in my opinion. Video quality is great though and like many SMMA courses out there, follows a similar layout and style. 

The first impressions about this course is that it's more about appointment setting and creating a sales team, rather than actually starting your own social media marketing agency. 

If you're looking for guidance on starting your own smma agency then you'd be better off buying a course such as The SMMA Blueprint which we've reviewed here. Michael actually has another course called Agency Accelerator which does look at starting an agency that I've yet to review, I'll get to that in the future. 

But appointment setting, it's the number one way to get more leads and sales, but until now it's been an absolute nightmare to do. You'd have to spend money paying appointment setters a full time wage, deal with all their BS. Now Michael has a solution and he shows you how to deal with it. 

Automation is Michael's middle name. He shows you how to automate the entire process, from finding data miners on Upwork, through to using Clickfunnels training to hire appointment setters. 

7 Figure Agency System Content

The course is split up into 7 modules, as well as access to coaching call recordings and FAQ's. Additionally there is bonuses of access to a personalized support and lifetime access to the Facebook group. 

You also get to steal Michael's plug and play campaigns, with ads, funnels and setup tutorials that are proven to deliver massive results for Gyms, car dealerships, financial services, dentists, eCommerce and more! 

In terms of the course content you'll get 50 videos across these: 

  • Module 0: 7-Figure Mindset 
  • Module 1: Appointment Setting On-Boarding System
  • Module 2: Employee Portal For Appt Setters
  • Module 3: Client Relationship Manager
  • Module 4: Automating Proposals
  • Module 5: Scripts and Employee Resources
  • Module 6: Employee Portal (Closers)
  • Module 7: Building & Managing Your Team. 

The content is great, Michael is really relate-able and easy to listen too. It's clear he knows his stuff. Looking at the testimonials for his course, most of his students are seeing success too.

The private Facebook mastermind group currently has 119 members, which is a small number, but there is over 6-10 posts per day, which is far more impressive than a large group with no posts. 

Final Verdict

This is a great course, I've seen very few courses like it. A lot of agency courses fail to show you how to actually get appointments and build a sales team. Michael's 7 figure agency system fills that gap in the market. I'd rush out and buy this course right now if I were you. You'll save hours upon hours of sales calls by building a team. 

If you pair this course with my #1 smma course on starting a social media marketing agency you're going to well on your way to 6 or 7 figures. 

Last Updated on March 15, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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