6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Review: Billy Wilson SMMA Course Worth It?

Today we will be looking at a new chorus by Billy Wilson, which is a Facebook ads agency course about how to start making money working with other businesses, promoting their products and services with Facebook advertising.

I'll going through the course showing you exactly what you get, ultimately who Billy Wilson is? And whether you should purchase the course.

You're probably here because you've watched his free webinar promising the wholly grail of online business, a way to make money without leaving your desk, by starting your own agency. 

Billy climbs to show you a easy three step funnel process to generate leads for your clients and earn thousands of dollars per month for your agency.

But the question is, why is Billy Wilson selling a course if he can make so much money through his own agency?

Who is Billy Wilson? 

Billy Wilson is a Drop out from Kansas state university who went to college for one month and decided it was not for him so dropped out. It's a similar story for most gurus.  

He regularly made social media posts about how he believed there are major flaws in the U.S. college system.

One of these posts went viral and that started his social media marketing career. Billy claims that by the age of 20 he had transferred from college and transformed himself into a very successful entrepreneur who was making six figures per year.

He now owns a social media marketing agency called Woolson media.

He's now launched his own course called Six Figure Facebook Ads Agency, whereby he will show you how to launch your own agency targeting local businesses on Facebook.

Ultimately, there are many different courses in the SMMA industry right now. So what makes Billy's course different to other courses out there on the market?

What you can expect from this course? 

Billy claims he will guide you through the entire process of starting your own social media marketing agency. This starts with forming a company in the form of an LLC and getting your business set up from scratch. This content is primarily focused on the USA market.

However, if you are an international, you can still follow along, although, the business set up processes might be slightly different. He then goes on to show you how to set up a Facebook business manager account, how to manage Facebook ads, how to set up Instagram, how to use retargeting ads, and how to generate and close incoming leads for local businesses.

There was additional material on sales funnels and how to utilize these for converting leads. When advertising on Facebook, Billy offers a step by step tutorial across a wide variety of different videos on how he climbs. You can generate a six figure income online. It sounds great, but is it all bullshit? Let's find out. 

6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Review

Six Figure Facebook Ads Agency Review

The course is structured into six different modules. 

The first part of the course is the introduction and this gives you an insight into Facebook ads and the digital marketing world.

Billy explains why business owners need you and why they will come running to you for your services. Ultimately, why businesses need more leads and sales to survive, so if they are not using social media currently, they are probably going to be looking for someone who can provide such a service for them. 

Module 1. Build Your Foundations

In the first module of the course Billy has you design your dream life workshop. This is the usual BS you can expect from courses about where you see your future. 

This is followed by videos on how to rewire your brain for success, another mindset video and is accompanied by videos on bringing customers in on demand. 

You'll learn why businesses are prepared to spend $1,000-$10,000 every month and why Facebook Ads are the best way to make money with SMMA. 

You'll learn how to use the value ladder to generate massive amounts of customers as well as how to guarantee success with some BS scientific method. 

There's way too much mindset videos here, ultimately you're spending $1,997 on a course, you probably already have the right mindset. 

Module 2. Find Hidden Gem Clients

Module two is pretty short, including 5 videos on the entire module which starts with finding dream clients and avoiding time wasters.

This 22 minute video is actually pretty interesting, as is the following video which includes 13 ways to find the perfect clients, Billy Wilson style. 

Following this you'll learn whether to use a niche or to just work with random clients. Billy is a believer in choosing niches as you'll find out later in the bonus section with the real life case studies. 

Module 3. Get Meetings At Will

Module three looks at the 'sales mastery' and starts with a long 44 minute video on the entire process. Some of the standout videos in this section include, 8 outreach methods and access to Billy's cold calling scripts.

You'll learn how to get meetings on demand with Facebook and LinkedIn using various different methods. Additionally learn how to make cold calls.

You get a one hour live cold calling session where you can see how it works. Billy also shows you how to get past the dreaded gatekeeper which is usually the receptionist or EA that won't transfer your call/s.

You'll learn how to record those sales calls so you can play them back in the future and ensure you stick to your promises. You'll also learn how to get meetings by sending cold emails which I strongly discourage unless you're US based. 

You'll learn how to deal with objections and rejections as well as a video on how to setup appointments the right way. Lastly there's an action step for creating and executing your outreach plan. 

Module 4. Close Clients At Will

This module claims to show you how to signup clients as you like. I have to admit it's a bit overhyped but does show you how to turn strangers into clients within 1 meeting. Of course this depends on how good a seller you are!

You'll learn how to setup free trials for clients and closing them after a successful one. This is followed by videos on how much to charge them, how to engage and follow up with them as well as collecting their monthly payments. 

It's a pretty basic module but there are some key points you'll learn. 

Module 5. Get Ridiculous Results

Module five has regular updates and is also one of the longest in the course. The module starts with some random videos that should be earlier in the course such as choosing a business name, creating a website and a Facebook page. 

This is then followed by creating a Facebook business account and learning to use Facebook page and business manager the right way. You'll learn how to correctly onboard new clients. 

You then get content on using Facebook Ad manager including:

  • Facebook Ad targeting
  • Creating the perfect offer
  • Creating ad creatives that convert
  • Learning to create copywriting
  • Creating Facebook Ads
  • Creating custom audiences
  • Optimizing the Facebook pixel
  • Split testing A/B.

There is a lot of content here for Facebook and other reviews for Billy Wilson's course claim this module is pretty short, but he's clearly updated it recently. 

You get a video on delivering the leads generated to your clients as well as an automated lead tracking system for those clients which is important.

Lastly you get access to videos on sending leads, emails via Active Campaign as well as SMS campaign targeting. There's also access to a client monthly report template as well as some case studies. 

Module 6. Automate & Scale Agency

The last module is all about automating and scaling your agency to six figures and beyond. This includes a video on how to build a team and automate things.

You will then have access to a video on creating a case study funnel to increase appointment quality and automate outreach (coming soon)  

There are more videos which are 'coming soon' which include scaling from referrals, scaling from 6 to 7 figures and updates to the course in general.

There's a closing note from Billy himself.

This module seems to be thrown in at the end and lacking a lot of information. I thought Billy was a 7 figure agency owner, so why wouldn't he have the video on scaling to 7 figures already uploaded? 

Additional Resources

You get access to $1,250 worth of self rated bonuses for free of which these include a video on creating and sending contract agreements, as well as creating that Limited Liability Company I mentioned earlier. 

You'll get access to the online marketing software he uses and a video on how to pay the least amount of taxes possible, I can't help but laugh. Be smart, get an accountant or tax advisor instead. 

On Landing Pages

You'll now get access to a landing pages section as it's clear Billy wants to cash in on Clickfunnels affiliates by recommending this platform to you.

You'll learn how to setup a lead gen form, landing page and the differences between all three including your website.

He goes through the process of creating a landing page from scratch as well as his 3 step funnel process for best results.

Additionally there is videos on creating complex funnels and how to integrate Active Campaign with Clickfunnels for sending emails automatically. 

Lastly you will learn to optimize landing pages for mobile and how you can Clickfunnels to split test your pages. 

Real Life Case Studies

You get access to five real life case studies and most of these are Billy's actual real clients however the dental one is not! For a 7 figure agency surely this would be?

You get access to the following case studies: 

  • Fitness
  • Real Estate
  • Chiropractic
  • Dentists
  • Care Dealerships. 

They do provide a good insight into how to use the material in the course to actually make it good in the SMMA business. 

Messenger Bots

This new module includes an introduction into creating your own chatbot and how this can help your agency and clients. 

You'll learn how to set this up from scratch and the different ways that messenger bots can be used. 

Student Success Stories

If you're one of those people that needs to see it to believe it, then this section has four videos where you can learn from other's mistakes. Billy critiques other students ads such as:

  • A DJ Client
  • eCommerce Store
  • Lawyer
  • Dental

Additionally there is an interview with Alex Mazin who claims to be doing some insane numbers with his agency. A quick look online though doesn't show much about this guy.

Real Closing Meetings

The last module includes three videos of Billy closing clients for $2,000 and $5,000 respectively. It looks pretty staged to me but there are videos for your learning.

All of these videos are 40-65 minutes long. 

Final Verdict

It's clear to me that Billy Wilson knows that what he's talking about, he is a YouTube entrepreneur who regularly uploads videos on the topic of social media marketing and his followers, which currently stand at 42,000 subscribers are all passionate about the videos that he shares.

Billy provides lots of value in his free videos on YouTube as well as his paid course.

It looks to me like he's cashing in on the smma trends right now. 

There are some gold mines in the course, such as the done for you phone and email scripts that he uses to get clients. However, if you're not from the United States using these can be classified as spamming.

He does provide some real life case studies, and he also provides introduction and overviews on a lot of the topics that you need to succeed in this business model.

However, what I found in a lot of areas were that he skimmed over a lot of the detail that you would be expecting from a course of this price. 

If you have no idea and have never used social media marketing platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to run ads, it can be very complex and confusing when you first get started.

I feel a lot more hand-holding, would have been beneficial here and a lot of the modules could have been two or three hours long. In fact, a lot of the modules were only an hour or so long, and this is clear of the. Limited information provided in a lot of areas. Additionally, to the course and the bonuses.

There is a Facebook group which has a lot of members. 

Ultimately, I think the way Billy is selling this course is a get rich now kind of business. However, it's clearly not. You can spend a lot of money on Facebook ads and get absolutely no clients.

Likewise, when your clients are paying you money, they're going to be expecting results. If you're not delivering those results during the free trial that you're offering, chances are they're not going to sign up with you.

Given that there are so many courses out there now on social media marketing, it's a question of whether you're going to make back the course cost as soon as possible.

Given there are other courses out there that cost far less than this course but provide the same level of content (or more), you need to decide whether the additional $1,300 for this course is worth the money?

If you enjoyed my 6 Figure Facebook Ads Review by Billy Wilson, leave a comment below.

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