6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Is Liam James Kay Legit?

Are you thinking of buying 6 figure affiliate bootcamp which recently launched by Liam James Kay? Launched last weekend, it was pretty big with a free training webinar drumming up excitement on the latest and greatest hacks you can apply to your own affiliate business efforts. But is it worth $697? 

The course is an 82 video affiliate marketing training course that was created by the number one affiliate for Builderall, a Clickfunnels wannabe that is cheaper and slightly less well known. Liam James Kay also has a large following on Youtube where we provides free videos promoting his course.

According to his Youtube videos in 2018 he made $200,000 online through affiliate marketing, which isn’t a huge amount compared with some other affiliate marketers but would make him more of an authority to release a course compared with some other wannabe gurus out there.

If you’ve been watching his Youtube videos or clicked through to the sales page you’ll know about the endless retargeting ads he keeps showing us for his free webinar.

Providing both free and paid traffic sources, the free training shows how he makes money from his laptop with the upsell being the premium training for 6 figure affiliate bootcamp.

6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp Review

6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp Review

The first thing to note is the huge bonuses that he claims to offer. These should set off your alarm bells given the course is fairly low priced at $697. The main one was 6 months direct email support and coaching. I get the feeling offering that much time of support for a low price isn’t going to go down too well.

Secondly there is vast claims such as ‘valued at $1297’ for nearly everything else. The course is apparently valued at $2997, the training $1000, the Facebook group $497. These numbers are plucked out of thin air and were never sold as individual offers.

Lastly the sales page has stated ‘first 10 only, 1 free hour of coaching.’ – It’s not clear if you’re the first 10 during signup. I’d say you’re probably not so you may want to clarify with the support desk before buying and finding out your not.

BuilderAll Recommendation

There’s no surprises then that the #1 affiliate for Builderall suggests you signup for the platform to create sales funnels and also use the builderall affiliate program to make money. Can you see where this is going? Tier 1 and tier 2 affiliate commissions for Liam? I’m not a huge fan of two tier affiliate programs.

Builderall pays 100% on the first month, 30% thereafter and 30% tier 2 commissions.

Course Content

The members area includes the various links to the private group and to email Liam. The course content seems to be a bit muddled, there is no clear structure for how to follow the course, i.e. module one, two, three etc. You simply get a menu to the left which includes various topics such as:

  • Are you ready for lift off?
  • The millionaire mindset
  • Choosing a niche
  • Building your brand
  • Finding the ultimate affiliate products
  • Affiliate sales funnels
  • How to beat the competition
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube marketing.
  • Google, Youtube, Facebook, Solo ads
  • Over the shoulder blueprints
  • Super cheap traffic secrets, done for you emails.

SO you can quickly see this is a GENERAL affiliate marketing course. This is not a course on how to setup affiliate content marketing websites or a specific sales funnel approach to affiliate marketing. The problem with courses such as this is the wham bam thank you mam approach, they simply provide a collection of videos on topics leaving you overwhelmed with where to actually go next. i.e. what form of affiliate marketing you should use.

My favorite is content marketing.

But you’re not really told how to do something like that. You’re told to send traffic to a sales funnel and then convert free or paid traffic on to someone else’s products or services. This is a fairly old style of affiliate marketing and there is thousands of courses and eBooks out there on how to do that.

This course follows a similar structure to Jon from ‘Super Affiliate System’

 Is 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp Worth It?

Personally, this course is probably worth the $697.. if you were going to buy Jon Crestani’s course and on the fence about which one to pick (his is $997). If you weren’t going to buy either, then I’d say there are far better affiliate marketing courses on the market that offer the same content, if not better.

The course offers general affiliate marketing videos, free and premium ads and how to test and use landing pages with Builderall.

The course also looks into products on Clickbank which are pretty poor. It’s fairly obvious the refund rate would have been 50%+ but there was no mention of this in the course. There was also mention of those scam style offers from MaxBounty to earn CPA commissions. Personally I think he just picked some beginner videos, I highly doubt he makes any of his money through these offers whatsoever.

The course claims to offer a lot and the checkout page dazzles with the glitz and glam claiming to offer you $15,000 worth of value for a measly $697 but those figures are plucked out of thin air. I suggest you look past the sales page and actually look at the content modules you’re getting access too.

There is no mention of how you can reasonably achieve 6 figures through affiliate marketing, therefore in my opinion the course name is incorrect and a mere sales tactic to sell you on the dream of earning 6 figures from affiliate marketing. Courses always need to be careful how they market themselves and if you read into the terms and conditions you’ll understand Liam’s position is to simply sell an educational package.

Another mention is the ‘lifetime access’ which is not actually lifetime at all. The terms and conditions state this is until the ‘website is no longer operational’. Which of course could be tomorrow. Again pretty poor marketing.

Lastly checkout the refund policy, you can’t watch more than 30% of the content and could be denied without explanation.

Last Updated on March 16, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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3 thoughts on “6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Is Liam James Kay Legit?”

  1. Well written article and it is clear to me he isn’t earning the money from the actions instead, making money through selling his recycled regurgitated sub par crap you can find on you tube for free.
    Lying Scammer earning through selling outdated and sketchy methods. Don’t waste your money.

  2. He’s a scumbag stole money from one of my friends doesnt honour the refund policy. His “course” is regurgitated crap!!!

  3. I have bought his course, he doesnt even give you acknowledgement receipt of the money paid so you can have an idea of his laid back attitude.

    The Entire course is shallow.

    Eventually, you ll come to know there is nothing inside to offer. He spends all his energy impressing people on Youtube by those strategies, which are one off. Eventually, as the course progresses you ll realise that this fraud is teaching you the same technique which he used on you to buy his course. So you need to have your course or something of that sort, but his strategies doesnt work outside (selling) courses.

    His course Video are not even 15 minutes long, now compare that to his Youtube videos.
    You ll chew your hair. Thats guaranteed.

    Facebook module is taught by a third party person named Colin Djis, who is independent


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