30 Day SMMA Review: Can You Start Online Marketing Agency? [2021 Update]

Their ads are being plastered over Youtube right now under the domain name, choosepristine.com and you’re invited to attend their live webinar where you get sold on their course about starting an online marketing agency. The course is called 30 Day SMMA and costs $497 one time or 2 payments of $297.

If you’ve seen other courses, webinars and ads about online marketing agencies right now, that’s because it’s hot topic and there is always going to be a demand for people that can help small businesses get more traffic, leads, sales and clients.

Most small businesses rely on the phone ringing, ads in old fashioned directories, Yelp pages or a website that simply does not convert. As an internet marketer you will contact them, offer your services and setup a monthly retainer for your services.

It’s an easy business model that you can do from anywhere in the world, with a laptop, phone and internet connection.

There are many courses popping up on the topic, most are sh*t but thankfully 30 Day SMMA actually delivers a conclusive and well polished course that I think is easily worth the $497 price tag they have placed on the course.

30 Day SMMA Review

30 Day SMMA Review

The course is divided up into seven modules, with lots of videos and content.

Welcome: Introduction

If you do buy the course then this first module includes 30 minutes of content on getting started, a quick mindset video on ‘doing the work’ as well as a student success story on how one guy made $13,500 for one client. There’s a step by step template to follow.

Module One: Preliminary Work

This section includes 16 videos of 90 minutes of content and goes into the basic setup:

  • Basic formula to follow for success
  • Setting up your domain, G-suite for emails
  • Setting up a payment processor, integrating auto billing for recurring revenue
  • Creating virtual Skype numbers
  • Building a case study you can provide prospective clients
  • Scheduling appointment setup
  • Setting up for charging taxes
  • Setting up FB business manager
  • Creating a business plan and sticking to it
  • Proposals, legal, terms and agreements.

You also get done for you templates that you can use when on boarding clients.

There really is a wealth of content in this section and if you had no idea how to legally setup and structure your business, you will definitely have a better understanding of the process now.

Module Two: Outreach

This section is HUGE, yes I’m very impressed by the content they have on offer here. It’s the complete outreach strategy on how to get clients.

  • How to approach clients
  • Free trials vs paid trials
  • Scraping clients from the web
  • Buying leads
  • Email outreach
  • Linkedin, Instagram, Pixel Tracking
  • Automated voicemail, Facebook Ads, Referral Systems
  • Upwork outreach.

I haven’t gone into much detail here, there is over 27 videos and 3 hours of content so there would be far too much to list in my review. Let’s just say even for a long term internet marketer such as my self I learnt a thing or two on how to get new clients with this module.

Module Three: Sales Mastery & Close Footage

This is the biggest module with over seven hours of content spread across 34 videos. Yes it really is a HUGE module.

  • How to close clients, over 25 videos on the process
  • Real life case study examples for real estate, ecom and spa salon
  • Analytical breakdowns of closing
  • Cold calls and booking meetings by Sean Bell
  • Creative follow up methods.

Module Four: Facebook Ads & Delivering Results

An entire module on how to deliver results to your client through lead generation, landing pages and native FB lead gen.

  • Five part series to setting up, integrating and follow ups
  • Scaling FB ad sets
  • Content management and gathering
  • Delivering results on FB and Instagram
  • Case study of a salon that did $16,000 in 30 days.

Module Five: Scaling, Team Building, Outsourcing

A full module on how to scale, setup team members, virtual assistants and outsourcing. It’s 11 videos and one hour of content.

  • Employees vs contractors, team members vs virtual assistants
  • Cold calling tracking
  • Scaling correctly
  • Using Asana
  • Outsourcing by Bradley Riley.

Module Six: Bonus Module

I won’t spoil this content but there is 7 videos in this section that include bonuses and case studies.

You’ll also learn how to deal with clients that have left you.

You’ll also learn how to setup your bank accounts by Avi Grondin.

Module Seven: Scripts, Contracts & Templates

The last module includes a wide variety of scripts, templates and  contracts including:

  • Website template (setup in 60 minutes)
  • 3 month contract template
  • on boarding new clients checklists
  • Email templates
  • Using scraper software
  • Cold calling scripts
  • Payment walk throughs
  • Successful Facebook Ad examples
  • Additional training on outreach.

Final Verdict

It’s a very powerful course and compared with other courses I’ve reviewed is pretty affordable. I’ve seen courses that can cost upwards of $2,000 for the exact same training. This course does offer lots of content and value and some topics I’d never even considered using myself.

The course offers over 16 hours of content.

Unfortunately I’ve seen multiple people promoting this course, with various different landers and price points. It’s not clear whether the course costs $497 or $997 so whatever price point you get in at, make sure you try and find the best price possible. I bought it via this link for $497.

Best SMMA Course Right Now?

Are you looking for what I can only describe as the best smma course right now? If so then you really need to consider SMMA Blueprint which I’ve done a full review of over here.

he SMMA Blueprint is a great course and offers a powerful insight into the world of social media marketing agencies and if you’ve been thinking of starting your own SMMA then you would be perfectly placed to buy this course.

With over 70 high quality videos, you do get lots of value for your investment. You can even offset the cost of your course purchase from your tax on your first few clients that you sign up too.

It’s obvious David and Derek do actually practice what they preach and actually make money through their own agency.

Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Rhys Dale

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  1. Hey Rhys!

    Jovan here from Choose Pristine.

    Thank you for your honest review on 30 Day SMMA! We appreciate the kind words and feedback.

    All the best,

  2. The problem with you is, DO NOT sell on the phone, cold calling is just a way to get them on a face call or live meeting where you pith your service

  3. Thanks for whoever wrote the comment above.
    I live in Europe and it’s easier said then done especially here in Norway.
    I believe it’s a legit business they got going but it’s easier tailored to the states.

    • Guys, Cold Calling is one method out of a million to get clients. I usually get my clients from Instagram or Facebook Ads. You can even hire someone else to do the cold calling for you if you wanted to go down that route. You can even cold email potential clients, cold message their business facebook page. You can do so many ways to get clients. Freelancer.com, Upwork, Fiverr. I actually suggest to not cold-call. Business owners hate it.

  4. Brilliant review, after seeing this I’ve made the conscious decision to sign up for “Choose Pristine”.

    Hopefully this all works out.


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