30 Day eCom Challenge Review: Is J Rich Genuine?

Another week and another Shopify course that’s starting to get quite popular, 30 Day eCom Challenge created by Jeraun Richards, aka J Rich, a 20 year old serial entrepreneur who claims to make over $180,000 revenue per month with Shopify.

Yet he creates a course for $497.. (it’s now sort of free)

Best Drop Ship Course For 2018
I’ve reviewed a ton of courses over the last year and the best course for 2018 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 100 videos of powerful content on everything from the basics through to product selection and Facebook ads. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.

The lowest money back guarantee I’ve ever seen too, 24 hours and less than 10% of the course completed. I’m always caution on such bold claims, most courses offer 30-60 days as standard.

I actually never heard of Jeraun Richards other than from his Instagram account which includes the usual eCom guru photos, rented lambo’s and exotic holidays. If you want a custom robe with your initials, Jeraun can help organise that.

Regardless let’s dive right in.

30 Day eCom Challenge Review

30 Day eCom Challenge is a course hosted on the teachable platform and claims to offer you, everything you need to know about starting multiple e-commerce businesses and generating your own sales within 30 days! This course teaches you how to get paid by leveraging someone else’s products to your advantage without owning any products at home.

So put frankly it’s a drop shipping course.

30 day ecom challenge review

When I was initially signing up I was slightly confused why this course is giving away $1,000 cash every month and why the need for the affiliate program on the signup form.

Everyone knows that affiliate programs force people to leave positive reviews all over the internet without actually reviewing the product/service properly as they want to refer 3 people and make their money back.

Regardless, after you’ve paid your $497 or 2 installments of $249 via credit card or Paypal you’ll be taken to the members area where you’ll get an overview on the course material.

Course Content

I was a little baffled by the course content, there’s only 35 videos in total. That works out to be around $14 per video. The first video is the usual guru bullshit video about going from $0 to $180,000 and Jeraun’s story.

Oh and it’s actually a free video from his Youtube channel.

Next is a video on the mindset you probably don’t need to follow to actually succeed. Everyone has their own mindset and I encourage you to find yours rather than copy someone else’s.

Oh it’s also a free Youtube video..

Next are some rather short videos on,

  • What is Shopify
  • Shopify Plans & Setting Up Domains
  • What is Aliexpress, How To Use
  • What is Oberlo, How To Use
  • Setting Up Your Store
  • Setting Up Payment Processors.

The video’s start with ‘Yoooo what is up everybody…’ they are also about 5 – 15 minutes in length. At this point I’m thinking to myself, all this information is available from many other guru’s on free Youtube channels. After watching the first 9 videos I was really questioning what is worth $497 here.

Oh and here we find out how to win the $1,000 cash prize each month. Signing up for his Shopify free trial link. Incase you didn’t know this is against Shopify’s partner program ToS.

Regardless I went ahead and watched the next 10 videos to see for myself.

The next video is on niches and what exactly they are, general vs direct store niches and how to find passion products vs trends. If you’ve seen my review on Samir Chibane’s course, this course seems the same.

Moving on there is a video on how to find winning products, how to find and model other Shopify stores and a list of the top Shopify stores. There’s also a free PDF of 500 Shopify stores for ‘inspiration.’

Video 17 goes on to talk about picking a product and adding this to your store (very basic) and then video 18 jumps to a free plus shipping method, seems slightly out of place before the next video goes on to customizing your store:

  • Video 19: Customization
  • Video 20: Shopify Apps
  • Video 21: Converting Abandoned Sales
  • Video 22: SEO.

It’s a bit of a mish mash (a word I use in lots of courses) where content doesn’t seem to follow a logical sequence. The SEO video was 9 minutes long. I don’t know about you but in 9 minute’s you can’t expect to learn much.

If you compare this to Franklin Hatchett’s course where he spends a good hour on the topic it’s actually really disappointing to see only 9 minutes of content.

Facebook Ads

Finally in video 23 we get to learn about Facebook Ads and how to drive traffic to our product pages. The first three videos give us an introduction to Facebook, Instagram and how to create pages. Again this is so basic it’s not even funny.

Next we learn about the Facebook pixel and how to create a new one for your business. Then you’ll learn how to build an Instagram account and finding influencers who you can work with.

Are you confused like me why we keep going back and forth between Instagram and Facebook? I sure was.

There’s then a free downloadable PDF script which you can use for contacting influencers. I recommend changing this up as it will do you no favors using the same script as every other student in 30 day ecom challenge.

There is then a video on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, both of these videos are 24 and 30 minutes in length so it’s not a fly by night like the other videos however in comparison to other drop shipping courses, this is far less content.

You’ll then learn how to scale ads and setup retargeting, as Jeraun put’s it, to ‘make big bucks.’ You’ll then learn how to automate your store by hiring virtual assistants.

The last videos include a video titled, ‘This is your time’ which is more motiviational firepower for you. There’s then a video on the secret to guarantee engagement with your ads and lastly a video on how to make money from affiliate marketing.

Might as well throw a completely unrelated video in at the end right?

Facebook Mastermind Group

I never join the mastermind groups of the courses I review as my FB feed always gets filled up with beginners asking why their stores aren’t making money and wannabe guru’s sharing their Shopify dashboards with absolutely no mention of the ad costs, product costs, refund rate or other running costs. I can do that too, but it means jackshit if I’m losing money.

Money Back Guarantee

This course only offers a 24 hour money back guarantee (less than 10% of the course) which usually means one of two things. The course creator isn’t confident in his course and wants to stop people requesting refunds quickly or he’s so confident in the material and simply wants to cash out his money and spend it within a week.

Either way, if you do want a refund then you need to contact their support department to arrange.

Is 30 Day eCom Challenge A Scam?

It’s definitely not a scam or fraud and you do get access 35 videos. Personally the price is rather high given the content you actually get compared with similar courses on the market. The course seems very similar to Passion 2 Profit’s which is another course I gave a low rating. The course content is no where near in line with the price point of $497. Most of the videos are available in free alternatives on Youtube.

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7 thoughts on “30 Day eCom Challenge Review: Is J Rich Genuine?”

  1. >Is 30 Day eCom Challenge A Scam?

    It’s hard to say that it’s a scam but harder to say it’s not considering the “implicit” promises that dude creates by showing his stats (assuming they’re real) implying there is some “secret” or “special technique” behind getting it right.

    These dudes sell the entry level stuff all other courses are selling. And if not, somebody gonna pay these 500 bucks and gonna rip the most important parts for his own course priced at just 199$. That’s how this shit works.

    The most important red flag with these fake gurus is: why do they feel the urge to buy instagram followers? The answer is obvious.

    If one goes as far as saying this is a scam, because they teach stuff that won’t really produce results but imply it, one would have to call the whole education system a scam because they do pretty much the same. So it’s somehow really is better to be scammed small than going through the big scam and maybe even recognizing it as such.

    The rule of thumb is: if the information is already publicly available (= made available to the public), it’s being milked and you’ll buy the peak of the hype.

  2. I also got the course and here’s my honest review. I found out about Jeraun through my friend and it makes sense why a lot of people like him. In my honest opinion he’s probably the most genuine and humble internet entrepreneur I’ve came accross. If you watch his YouTube video on him making $30,000 in sales in a day, he shows his bank account for proof and I NEVER seen any other person do that. He also didn’t make a course until almost a year after he became successful(hence you can see the date of the sales and bank account in the video which was May 2017) Most of the videos in the beginning of the course were basic but understandable due to the fact that a lot of people are beginners and don’t know how to start. And he says that the course was going to be him starting from nothing so I pretty much expected the basics in the beginning. The last videos were where I found the most value and especially the video where he went over how to guarantee engagement with ads. I had never seen, or heard of that method and I tested it on one of my ads and it actually worked. The first full day of running the ad I spent $100 in ad spend and did around $600 in sales(35% profit) and now currently scaling it to $1,300 a day(spending $400 in ads and 35% profit so profiting around $300 a day for the last 6 days so far!). Also I think the best part of the course is the private telegram chat because Jeraun is actively on there literally guiding everyone and answering all questions and he even gave away 2 profitable niches so far in the chat and I never heard of anyone else with a course that does that. I believe the $497 price is really fair compared to the outrageous price of $1,997 for the shitty Samir and Juan P2P Accelerator course. (I bought it last year when it was at $500) but still was definitely not worth it. I found ZERO value in Samir and Juan’s teachings. Another thing to note is that the first day that Jeraun released his course, he made it free so that everyone who follows him can get in(I didn’t get in free but my friend did) and supposably about 1,000 people got in free. And he gives away $1,000 every month to a person in the course, I don’t know if that’s a marketing tactic or not but he did actually give away $1,000 to a student last month which was the first month he released the course. But all in all I honestly can say that I think he is really genuine and really cares about helping people and seeing them succeed and just that 1 video on the course made it worth it for me.

  3. Have you noticed they all start their videos with ‘heeyyyy what is up everybody!’

    I’m convinced their must be a course on how to create youtube videos and it recommends opening with this line haha

  4. JRich seems like an amazingly genuine guy as one of the other commenters has mentioned. He has refunded everyone who purchased the course and has decided to make it free to everyone. Haven’t seen any other gurus do this. He is definitely legit and I’m excited to see this new free course.

  5. His course maybe basic to someone that has been around Ecom for a while but to newbies it’s just fine. He’s a pretty cool kid that just wants to help people. He also just refunded everybody that signed up the full amount they paid and made the course completely free.


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