30 Day eCom Academy Review: Hayden Bowles eComm Season

Hayden Bowles, king of course launches is back with yet another course, this time under the brand, eComm Season and the course is called, 30 Day eCom Academy. Unless you’re a new Bowles fan you’ll know he’s launched two courses prior, both were $997. This time the course costs $1,997.

The sales page shows Hayden claiming to have 4,000 students who’ve collectively made over $8 million in sales. You can tell it’s all hype as the opening sentence says he’s been making money with drop shipping for 5 years and over 7 figures spent. Then under the section which says, ‘Who’s Hayden Bowles’ it’s now magically dropped to 3.5 years since he started.

Who is Hayden Bowles?

‘I’m here in my villa from Bali, just arrived in from London. I was just in Singapore’ – Selling dreams, not reality is a quote from his course.

Then there’s the video on Youtube of him buying his Lamborghini Hurcan in cash at 18 years old..

Hayden claims to have made 7 figures through drop shipping. Personally I think it’s all created from the sales of his overpriced courses.

He’s got 4000 students who would have paid on average $997. His first course was $497, second was $997 and now this course is $1,997.

4000*997 = $3,988,000.

So 4 million dollars from selling courses. Minus transaction fees, refunds, fraud and ad costs. It’s still likely to be a healthy profit.

You need to look through the hype and those ‘lifestyle’ photos he keeps posting to his Instagram. Drop Shipping is not an overnight success story, nor is it an easy feat to make anywhere near 7 figures in 30 days. Anyone can take a photo next to a Lambo and say, ‘buy my course and I’ll show you how to do the same.’

30 Day eCom Academy Review

30 day ecom academy review

You get access to 61 in depth training videos which equates to 40 hours of content. It sounds like a lot but 61 videos is still quite a short course for the price tag, compared with other courses out there. You also get access to a Facebook mastermind group, a live over the shoulder training session case study and two videos with guests such as Cory Strawbridge and Leon Green.

Remember Leon Green? He’s got his own course I reviewed here, that was pretty average.

Hayden claims the course is in beta and will be going up in price in the coming weeks. Can he really sell a $2,997 course? Probably, but would people buy it?

Remember a course doesn’t give you free paid traffic, which ultimately you need regardless of what course you buy.

Course Content

Firstly, I do think Hayden brings value in his free Youtube videos. He also did deliver in his other courses however this course is actually a step up, he’s got more content and guest speakers to help provide the business structure he recommends.

You get access to the following content across four weeks of training:

Week 1: Product Research, Suppliers, Building Your Store (Web Developer teaching you for 12 hours). Start running your Facebook Ads (6 hours)

Week 2: Analyzing ads, apps, emails, the backend, upsells

Week 3: Insight with a guy doing 30k a day, product research and ads

Week 4: Aggressive scaling, live ads on an $8k a day store, over the shoulder

You have access to a coach to help you. There’s also the Facebook group which will grow as more people join the course.

Refund Policy

Provided you show effort and that you were unsuccessful then you’re entitled to a full refund within 7 days of purchasing the course.

It’s a pretty weak refund policy if you ask me, given it’s a 30 day course. You only get access to the first week of videos and must watch 50% of them, then take action, then decide it’s not for you and request this before week two is even released to get a refund.

If his content is that great, it should be a full 30 day refund guarantee.

Closing Opinion

This course, 30 Day eCom Academy is a huge step up from his previous courses, Hacking Shopify and eCom Remastered but I don’t agree with the lifestyle dreams Hayden keeps pushing and I don’t think 61 videos are worth $1,997. It’s disappointing to see the course is split up into 30 days meaning you have to wait a full week to watch the subsequent videos for the next week.

You’re buying into the Hayden Bowles brand, maybe you think he’s the best guru and if that’s you then you should buy the course. If you’re sitting on the fence, wondering if he’s legitimate, why does he keep launching courses for more and more money every few months?

If he really does have 4,000 students who paid $997, he’s making millions from selling courses. You can see his special guests all have their own courses too proving the money to be made is from starting a course, not from actually drop shipping.

If you’re still determined to buy the course I’d like to point out that you will still need to spend money building your business, testing your ads, running traffic, dealing with refunds, fraud and business setup. You don’t magically get all this included on top of the course, so you’ll need at least $1,000 extra to do this. To get those 7 or 8 figures he throws out there, you’d need 5 figures to start scaling to get there.

These courses don’t tell you that on the sales page either. So would you rather spend $1997 or $197 on the exact same content (accessible instantly). I know what 99% of other readers who are unsure would do, they’d buy the #1 eCom course on the planet, eCom Elites. You can read a full feature review and see for yourself.

Remember, buying an expensive course doesn’t equal success. You need to spend money on your store and ads regardless of what course you buy. 

Would you rather buy a $197 course and spend $1803 on your business? 

I would. 



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