123 Affiliate Marketing Review: Pat Flynn Course Worth It?

Are you looking for a good honest 123 Affiliate Marketing review? This course by Pat Flynn is promoted through his blog, smartpassiveincome.com which has been around since 2008. Can one of the world’s most famous affiliate marketers bring out a good course, or is it another overhyped sales pitch?

123 Affiliate Marketing has been around for many years and is regularly updated. It’s now available for $699 and claims to be an interactive video-based training program that teaches you step-by-step how to generate more income with affiliate marketing.

Who is Pat Flynn?

Pat runs a successful blog called Smart Passive Income. Here he’s shared his income reports for many years and it’s clear he’s making a fortune from affiliate marketing. One of his biggest accounts is with Bluehost where he earns $110 per signup promoting content on ‘how to start a blog.’

Since 2010, he has made over $3.5 million dollars from affiliate revenue (confirmed via his site). He now runs his own weekly podcast which at the time of writing was up to episode 380. Some of his recent topics include Amazon book marketing, Kindle marketing and entrepreneurship.

Pat has an impressive Youtube channel where he shares many videos on a wide variety of topics with his 191,000 subscribers. Some of his recent videos include making passive income online, reviewing products such as ConvertKit and his personal life.

He also owns courses on finding a winning business idea, podcasting, building a brand and more. All these courses cost $249 – $999.

It’s fair to say he has multiple income streams with most of his income coming from course sales and affiliate marketing.

123 Affiliate Marketing Review

123 Affiliate Marketing Review

The course is hosted and available to purchase on Teachable.com which means all videos look and feel amazing whatever device you’re watching on. Pat is a Youtuber and the video content and audio quality is very good indeed. You can change the video quality from 360 to 1080P depending on your connection.

As I was reading the sales page for the course, I was getting quite worried at how short the course sounded. Pat says it’s a three step process to making money with affiliate marketing.

No SEO Methods…

There was also no mention of search engine optimisation, social media or free traffic methods.

It was clear to me that 123 Affiliate Marketing was going to be a paid traffic course. Now, that’s fine but Pat makes over $50k per month through Bluehost using organic traffic so isn’t it a bit strange that he doesn’t touch on the topic in his course?

You only have to look at his own website (where he makes all his money) and see the 11.7k backlinks driving those 63.1k visitors to his website.

So why hasn’t he included any SEO training in his course?

Probably because if he did, he would make 95% of people run away and not buy his course. It’s easy to say affiliate marketing is simple and paid ads can be (but you can also lose a shit ton of money fast), but there are so many more ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

Surely you want to get all that free organic traffic like Pat’s doing on his own blog? I know I would.

Regardless, I went ahead and dived into the course to see what it’s all about.

Course Content

As mentioned the course is split up into three main modules plus a few others:

  • Welcome Module
  • Getting Started
  • Choose Right Product
  • Passive Promotional Strategies
  • Active Promotional Strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing Recipe.

The first module is a 5 minute welcome video from Pat on thanking us for purchasing the course and how to get started with using the course correctly.

This is followed by the getting started module which includes a video on affiliate marketing 101 and the mandatory rules for long term success. There’s a final video on how to use the course.

Step 1: Choose The Right Product

Step one looks at what type of products work best and Pat goes into great detail about what type of products to work with. You then learn how to choose your focus product and then go on to learning about affiliate links and how to get one through signing up for various affiliate programs.

There’s a few basic videos on what to do if there’s no affiliate programs or partnerships available, what to do with your affiliate link and how to build relationships with affiliate companies.

It’s all pretty basic, and a lot of the content is freely available on videos on platforms such as Youtube.

Step 2: Passive Promotional Strategies

This module goes into looking at various promotional strategies such as adding links to your content, adding links to your content, setting up a money page, home page conversion strategies and high performing pages.

This section was super short and pretty disappointing. C’mon if you’re going to show people how to start an affiliate marketing site you can surely take them through the entire process, not just a few pages and homepages.

This section was concluded with setting up an email sequence autoresponder to email leads and convert them via your offer.

Step 3: Active Promotional Strategies

The last main module was on the various promotional methods recommended by Pat.

Some of these included email broadcasts, affiliate bonuses, affiliate marketing campaigns and other methods.

There was no mention of SEO or building links to your website. No mention of blogger outreach, guest postings, link swaps etc.

All these are crucial topics in my opinion but they were missing from the course.

Final Verdict

Personally I thought Pat Flynn’s course, 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing was super short and underwhelming. It included less than 30 videos on the entire process of making money passively with affiliate marketing and failed to look at any content such as search engine optimization or manual outreach.

There was limited information on starting a website and even less information on paid traffic. There was no mention about using sales funnels, no mention of Amazon affiliate marketing or using CPA networks, content locking, other opportunities etc.

At $699 I was expecting a lot more content, especially from someone who claims to make a full time income online and offers so much value in the form of free eBooks and guides.

If you look at something such as Savage Affiliates which costs $197 then you’ll see what I mean. It offers over 175 videos on many different methods, not just one. There’s also a strong emphasis on SEO and your own website, there is also case studies and real life examples. I’ve done a full review on the entire course and you can then spend that extra $500 you just saved for actually operating your business.

Remember, buying a course gives you knowledge. You still need to spend money to make money.

Would you rather start with $500 saved or $0?


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