100K Blueprint Review: Dan Dasilva Course Worth $997?

So you want to know more about Dan Dasilva and his new course, 100K blueprint? This is my review and whether you should buy into the hype or whether it’s just another course with a flashy sales page targeted towards beginners.

For those that don’t know Dan is a serial course launcher, his previous eCommerce course was very successful and I believe he sold thousands of memberships. Prior to launching courses, he claims to have made over 15 million dollars drop shipping products he never had to see, touch or associate with.

Dan Dasilva makes it clear you won’t be a drop shipping millionaire overnight and encourages you to look through the gucci handbags, lamborghini’s and private planes you see other eCommerce guru’s using to promote their courses. Of course you will see student success stories, those sales revenue figures that mean, well.. not a lot but are very impressive.

Who Is Dan Dasilva?

Dan’s story starts like most guru’s, he found himself a mentor and changed his life forever. It’s not clear who is mentor was but it appears to have worked as he is very successful online but it’s not clear if that’s from selling courses or actually drop shipping.

Now he claims to be an 8 figure Shopify expert.

Dan has developed a four step process for getting started and he will share this with you in the course. This includes proper research, asset creation, growth and rinse and repeat. Dan claims no one else has shown these four steps in detail but after reviewing over 50 courses, I disagree with that statement. There are many courses that offer the same level of detail.

Dan has a large following on Youtube, I’ve been following the launch emails for this course and there was talk of over 3,500 people being on his first webinar. That tells you alot, he has a big fan base.

Dan is also a big fan of exotic holidays and nice cars and creates plenty of clickbait ones like Hayden Bowles and others such as Samir Chibane to drum up business to his lists and courses. I’m not a huge fan but I can understand why they do it.

Here’s a sample of what I mean,

Would you only choose a mentor because they call themselves a millionaire?

100K Blueprint Review

100k blueprint review

100K blueprint has been launched many times and it’s now up to version 3.0

It’s unclear if existing members get updated content or not.

The main course is a 12 week program that offers a hand holding insight into the world of drop shipping and starting a store fast. After going through all the content, it’s very similar to many other courses out there.

There is A LOT of content but remember, the course is $997.

The course is split down into 12 weeks and content is unlocked weekly.

Personally I’d say that getting access to all the videos at once would be a far better option especially if you are time limited and want to start building your drop shipping empire within a few weeks.

I’m working my way through the modules and will update the review shortly.

100K Blueprint Bonuses

The course currently includes seven bonuses (only for 3.0 members) courtesy of Dan and these include (at the time of writing):

  • 20 done for you ad creatives w/ interests
  • Access to product lookup tool
  • 10 Week Live Coaching Calls
  • Direct email access to coaches/Dan
  • Live case studies of ads before/during/after
  • Email marketing campaign strategy
  • $2,000 secret stand up video.

Dan claims these bonuses are worth thousands but it’s up to you how much value you place on these bonuses. Remember everyone that buys 100k blueprint is getting access to the exact same bonuses so those done for you ad creatives and live coaching calls are hardly specific bonuses just for you.

I’m curious to see how well the direct responses from Dan goes as I know from experience offering email support without limits can get tedious and remember he’s an 8 figure Shopify expert so unsure why he would be responding to such emails if more money can be made running traffic to offers.

The product lookup tool is very similar to Intelligyence which is a tool I use in my own business and costs $29.95 per month or $197 per year. This basically scrapes all of Aliexpress products and helps you find the winning ones for your stores. The integrated profit calculator is a neat touch.

One of the really cool features though is the interest targeting which does allow you to upload into Facebook. I disagree with the statement, ‘upload and profit’ as there’s clearly no indication you will make money with one click software.

Dan’s called his software, Profit Machine which sounds more like a forex app but it’s actually for eCom products.

The reviews on the sales page are all for students who bought version 1 or 2 given the dates.

Lastly this course has a super short refund policy, 72 hours.

Final Verdict

Dan Dasilva knows his stuff and many of you will love his Youtube videos, if you’re one of those people then I’d say rush out and buy his course. If you’re on the fence and heard his name through a promotional ad or a accidental webinar you attended then I’d say this course isn’t worth $997.

If you compare the 12 week blueprint to other courses on the market, it’s very similar to others. There are courses out there for $297-$497 that offer the same level of content in my opinion. The extra $500-700 of bonuses is a classic example of are you really going to get the 1-2-1 treatment you expect?

Let me go back to Dan’s tagline, he’s an 8 figure Shopify expert. He’s clearly not going to have hours of time to provide personal support to you and definitely not for a course worth $997. He mentions he uses coaches, these are up and coming eCom stars that might be making 4,5 or 6 figures and can justify helping you, but of course they aren’t going to be Dan.

I could be wrong here but from similar courses I’ve seen that have thousands of students you won’t get a 1-2-1 mentorship that you are expecting. You only have to read some of the reviews and the comments sections that got a mention on this blog.

So should you spend $997 on this course if you’re not a Dan fan? I’d say no and the reason being you can buy a course with more content and then spend that $700 saved running your first ad campaign. You see, these courses fail to mention anything about start up costs. Do you expect to make money after buying a course? Of course not.

You need to spend money to make money. You’d be far better spending $700 on ads, than $700 on a few bonuses that everyone else is trying to saturate and actually make your money back sooner.

So to conclude, if you want to buy the dan brand then the course is good, on the fence, I’d checkout alternatives.

An alternative that thousands of my readers have chosen is called eCom Elites and costs $197 or $297 depending on which version you choose. There’s over 175 videos on everything from store setup, niche selection, product selection, Facebook Ads, Instagram influencers, Pinterest, sales funnels, Google shopping and so much more. Oh and there’s also a Facebook group where the guru answers most questions. Yes there’s no 1-2-1 but at this low price what do you expect? I’d recommend reading the review and seeing for yourself. If you learn the eCom┬ámodel, it doesn’t matter which guru you learn from.


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