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Wealthy SEO is a brand new product that’s due to launch on February 29th which is a complete SEO home business package which will help you to start your own local SEO business anywhere in the world. In this article we’ll look at Wealthy SEO review and whether this course is right or wrong for you.

You can buy Wealthy SEO here for $17. 

Wealthy SEO Course Overview

  • Product Name: Wealthy SEO
  • Product Creator: Raj Singh Sandhu & Daman Sandhu
  • Price: $17 Front End
  • Up sells: $17 Extras, $97 & $147 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Website: WealthySEO.com
  • Verdict: High Quality Low Cost Course. 

Hey Folks – Rhys here, thanks for stopping by to check out my Wealthy SEO review and learn about my exclusive bonus!. Let’s get right to it.

What is Wealthy SEO? (I got it so I can show you!)

wealthy seo reviewWealthy SEO is a course designed by two New Zealand internet marketers who appear to have a rather successful business called Cloud Media operating from Hamilton, New Zealand targeting small to medium sized businesses and ranking them highly on search engines for a multitude of key words. We’ll get to some examples later in this article.

Wealthy SEO claims to be the perfect solution to building a long term sustainable evergreen lucrative web based business that delivers a consistent income that you can quickly scale up to $4,000 or more every single month. In simple terms the course involves you setting up your very own local SEO business in your own area – or where there might be a severe shortage of SEO companies already operating.

In New Zealand there is very few companies that offer reasonable SEO services to local companies so they have to go overseas, bend over backwards to find thousands of dollars or simply go without. In most cases New Zealand businesses will go without, so the creators of Wealthy SEO are probably doing quite well here targeting local businesses. Will it work overseas? The course suggests it will so lets find out.


Wealthy SEO Review Ratings
  • Easy To Learn, Follow, Optimize - 10/10
  • Video Training, User Tutorials - 9/10
  • Customer Support, Quick Replies - 10/10
  • Flexible, Unsaturated Niche - 8.5/10
  • Competitive Pricing Structure - 10/10

Wealthy SEO Conclusion

Wealthy SEO is a simple and easy to follow course at an affordable price. The authors have experience running their own business and their 1-2-1 coaching is affordable and high quality. The video course is expansive and I learned a lot. The customer support was excellent and I recommend this course.



Who are the creators of Wealthy SEO?

The two creators are Raj Singh Sandhu and what appears to be his son or family member. Both appear to be SEO business owners living in a small town called Hamilton, New Zealand. They live about 7 hours away from where I’m based in Wellington. They own a company called Cloud Media which doesn’t seem to be a flashy website however searching keywords such as SEO Hamilton and SEO New Zealand their business ranks quite highly.

It would appear that the two creators have a high level of personal experience in SEO thus they’ve decided to launch Wealthy SEO to share their knowledge with others.

wealthy seo review

Who is Wealthy SEO for?

If your struggling with internet marketing and sick of buying cheap software with promises of riches then this is your perfect product. The course is suitable for people with no technical skills, no prior experience, no marketing lists, no product creation and a limited start up budget. This course requires time and effort and I can tell you now you definitely won’t be a millionaire overnight – if you want that you’ll need to stick to buying worthless Warrior Special Offers.

wealthy seo review mainIf you complete the course and start working on your SEO business then you can expect:

  • A straight forward way to make money (obtaining clients)
  • Gain long term clients paying $50 – $5000 per month
  • Earn passive income (set and forget system)
  • Automate processes, outsource them to others
  • Build a real business which you can potentially sell.


What do I get when I buy Wealthy SEO?

This course is a complete guide on setting up a home based SEO guide, not just a show and tell and leave you hanging when the going gets tough. Throughout the course you’ll be asked to take specific action steps that will walk you through setting up your business so by the end of the course you’ll be ready to accept your first pay check.

The course covers 4 different ways to make money through SEO and you can diversify your income and explore other options in each module. Whether your a beginner or intermediate with the world of SEO you’ll be suited to this course. If your an advanced user then I think this course cover a lot of content you already know.

The course includes 5 comprehensive training modules which comprises many training videos. You might be thinking are these the same old 2 minute cheesy videos with limited information? No they are jam packed full of real techniques using screen captures, handouts and other examples to help you become a Wealthy SEO.


Wealthy SEO Module 1: Setting Up Your Business

As I mentioned earlier this is a complete SEO business in a box per say – the first module from Wealthy SEO will help you discover the best names for your business which will help customers find you and choose you over your competitors. It’s a competitive niche market so any way you can stand out the better. Thankfully in this course the Wealthy SEO team have done a good job here. You’ll learn how to create your own professional graphics, logo and webdesign design. They recommend tools and paid addons you can use – but it’s entirely up to you.

wealthy seo review

Wealthy SEO Module 2: Setting Up Your SEO Business Website

This section looks at how to design free websites, logo design and content for all the pages on your websites. They offer a fee structure and how to price your SEO packages effectively. The course features an in depth look at how to rank your own website, hopefully on the first page of Google.

Apparently they have a copy and paste system which allows you to paste right onto your website so content generation isn’t even needed. I’m a bit concerned as to how many other websites will end up on the internet with the same content and what that means for clients. Time will tell when this feature is released soon.

Wealthy SEO Module 3: Getting Clients

This is one of the most important modules and if like many of my own clients you hate cold calling and selling then you’ll need to look at other ways of making sales (getting clients). Wealthy SEO helps by leveraging Google and Facebook to find clients through paid advertising and by building landing pages on your websites. This will allow you to send emails which hopefully your leads will open to build your business.

Wealthy SEO Module 4: Closing Deals

The second to last module by Wealthy SEO is about closing deals without actually meeting people and starting to collect money online using simple payment processing methods. They cover ways to send professional invoices with free invoicing software which will allow budget constraint businesses to act professional for free. Wealthy SEO claims to offer a free push button software for sending invoices however this feature is irrelevant for me as I use Xero – the best accounting provider in the world (in my opinion).

Wealthy SEO Module 5: Delivering SEO Services

This is probably the biggest module and the one most people are likely to struggle with. So you’ve setup your business, priced your plans, contacted clients and sold them services but wait, how do you actually fulfill these orders? This module will enable you to develop a SEO stategy no matter what niche your targeting. They’ll show you how to outsource SEO services to freelancers and businesses around the world so you can run your business on autopilot.


Wealthy SEO Getting Started Costs

The joining fee for Wealthy SEO course is $17 which is a very competitive price indeed, I’ve seen other courses on the market for over $1000. Your probably thinking why is the course so cheap? The first reason is that the two creators seem to be more inclined to help new business owners achieve their goals of making money online rather than making a big pay day for themselves. There is of course a few up sells which include paid training where the creators will assist and help you start your business quicker.

If you don’t have any success with the product they offer a full unconditional money back guarantee too.


What bonuses do you get with Wealthy SEO?

I’m glad you asked because as if the SEO course wasn’t enough for the price tag their charging they’ve included four free bonuses worth over $197 alone.

Wealthy SEO Bonus 1: Google Hangouts Training

This free bonus will help you learn to use Google Hangouts to grow your business for zero cost. The methods in the course are pretty straight forward and even a complete beginner could follow them through. You’ll need to focus though as hangouts is serious business. You can follow the case study formula to create a free traffic system that you’ll want to use more and more. This course normally retails for $37 but is included free as a bonus in Wealthy SEO.

Wealthy SEO Bonus 2: Youtube Video Training

This bonus is slightly strange as it’s a youtube course within a SEO course – I’m not sure how well it fits in but it’s free so whats to complain about? The course will help you unlock the power and benefits of Youtube for optimization to increase traffic which should in turn increase profits. The course is valued at $47 but included free in Wealthy SEO.

Wealthy SEO Bonus 3: Live Webinar

I like to see Webinars included as bonus content as it gives you a chance to interact with the creators of courses and products and allows you to pick up secrets, tips and tricks which might be left out of courses. The webinar your invited too normally costs $147 and features the creators talking about generating a full time income through SEO. You’ll be invited to ask questions and interact with the hosts through the webinar software.

Wealthy SEO Bonus 4: SEO Business Tools & Documents

You can get all the business tools required to run your SEO business without having to sign up for any hidden upsells. The creators of Wealthy SEO have included all their powerful email templates, presentations for clients, contracts and documents which are required to run your business. They originally planned this to be an upsell for $197 through Wealthy SEO but it’s included as a free bonus – great.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy SEO

Is there any other cost to setup the SEO business? 

You’ll only need a domain name which costs $10 per year and web hosting which may cost around $40 yearly. There’s no paid software required as the course identifies the free alternatives available to you. They do introduce you to some paid software which costs around $100 however there’s no pressure to buy into these programs.

How to design websites?

The course shows you how to design a free website, and how to use Fiverr and other sources to get logo design and content for pages and pricing tables to start your Wealthy SEO business.

Do you need any experience with SEO?

No, you don’t need any experience however the more you know the quicker you’ll be able to get started. The course says that anybody can start a SEO business as you can outsource the work to others. Of course this will cut into your profits but you can still make a very profitable business none the less.

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How to buy Wealthy SEO?

You can buy Wealthy SEO here. 

wealthy seo review buy now



My Wealthy SEO Bonus

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Bonus 1: Seo Tips For WordPress

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Bonus 2: Facebook Powerhouse

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Bonus 3: Page One Ranking Formula

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