5 Platforms With Affiliate Programs To Securely Sell Your eBooks



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Once you have spent hours (or weeks) on your eBook, the next logical step is advertising it and selling to people who may be interested in what you have written. This sounds like a simple task, but dressing up a sales page to make it attractive while keeping customer experience as simple as possible, can be a nightmare.

This is where web platforms that provide payment processing setup as well as offer features that allow you to run affiliate programs on your blog, come in handy. This will ensure that marketing your eBook and selling it with minimum hassle to the customer, is done in one fell swoop.

The 5 best platforms for selling your eBooks online are:

1.      JVZoo

One of the market leaders in setting up affiliate programs for marketing your eBook and payment processing interfaces as well as gateways, JVZoo is the way to go if you have a highly successful blog that hosts eBooks to sell.


There are several reasons for this and they will become clear as I go through their features below –

  • Instant or delayed payment setup for your affiliates.
  • Comprehensive dashboard that shows advanced statistics about your sales.
  • Digital product delivery from JVZoo servers, ensures that your customers receive their purchases instantly without excess load on your web server.
  • All payments are handled by PayPal for convenience, and adding a stylish purchase button is just a click away.

All this ease does come at a price as JVZoo charges one of the highest commissions on each sale in this market – 5% of each sale is the cut that JVZoo charges for its services. However, since you are not obliged to pay anything unless you sell your product, it is a better option than subscription based services that will bleed you dry unless you make sales.

2.      WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus goes with a slightly different approach to selling your eBook compared to JVZoo. It hosts a marketplace where you can list your books for sale; although, it does offer a WSO Pro feature that has all the features that JVZoo offers too.


A few advantages of using WarriorPlus are –

  • Automatic and secure digital delivery of your product; although this is aimed at eBooks, it works well for any digital product.
  • Autoresponder integration ensures that customers receive an invoice immediately after their purchase.
  • Participate in deals of the day promotions that will boost the popularity and sales of your product.
  • Easy affiliate plan set up enable you to have full control over the plans you offer to affiliates that want to promote your eBook.

WarriorPlus takes 3.9% + $0.10 of your total product value as commission which is reasonable compared to other competitors in the market.

3.      Gumroad

Another player in the market that offers advanced features on your website enabling you to sell, market and showcase your eBooks – right on your website without hassling your customers and taking them to third party websites. Moreover, it allows you to set up clean and beautifully designed payment pages to enhance the customer experience. Boasting of 60 million USD in sales with over 21,000 writers using their service, Gumroad is one of the largest platforms to sell your eBooks successfully.


A few features that make Gumroad one of the best ways to sell your eBooks are –

  • In-depth analytics page grants you access to every statistic and metric that you may need, about your affiliates and your products.
  • A comprehensive dashboard that allows you to easily respond to customer queries, as well as issue refunds, if required.
  • Manage an email list of your customers allowing you to contact them with sales and promotions that you may wish to conduct.
  • Setup professional looking payment pages, already integrated with a payment gateway, in a few clicks.
  • Customize your selling pages using HTML to tailor your page exactly the way you want it.

It has a slightly higher price than the majority of its competitors; they take a commission of 3.5% + 0.30 USD and in addition to this, a $10 per month subscription for as long as you use their services.

4.      PayHip

One of the easiest methods of selling your digital products, PayHip ensures that payments are easily set up and your digital files are securely stored and delivered to your customers. Moreover, they are capable of handling multiple devices, so that customers can access their purchases from any platform they choose.


Some advantages of using PayHip to sell your eBooks are –

  • Option of using PayPal and Stripe, the largest payment processors in the world, to ensure that customers trust your website.
  • Promote your product by using a direct link to your product, simplifying the process of marketing on social media.
  • Offer customers the possibility of accessing your eBooks from whatever platform they choose.
  • Store customer information to expand your mailing list to market your future products.
  • Enable social marketing features that offer customers incentives such as discounts for promoting your product on social media.

However, these powerful features come at a steep price; PayHip charges a 5% commission of every sale, which is one of the highest prices in the market. Nevertheless, they do have the added advantage of not requiring recurring payments even if you don’t make a sale.

5.      Selz

Selz is one of the most comprehensive methods of selling your eBooks and the sheer number of powerful features it offers

astounds even their competitors; with advantages ranging from simple payment page setup to advanced features like shopping carts and license keys – Selz will ensure that your every requirement is met with the highest of quality and the easiest of interfaces.


A few features they offer are:

  • Shopping cart setup on your website or blog, including storing abandoned shopping carts for the customer and prompting them to purchase when they visit your website again.
  • Numerous themes, to ensure that your pages showcase your products in the best way possible.
  • Easy customer management using the customer interface for responses as well as refunds.
  • 24×7 support to assist you with setup and any queries you may have about their services.

All these features do cost a pretty penny, with the most advanced plan that includes all features priced at a whopping $26.99 monthly subscription in addition to a 2.9% + $0.30 of every sale you make. However, they also offer a basic plan which is free of monthly subscription costs, but charges a 2% processing fee and a 2.9% + $0.30 of every sale, while limiting the number of products you can sell to 5.

It is essential that your eBooks are showcased and sold in the best way possible as this will maximize revenue while increasing the popularity of your website and your writing at the same time. The 5 methods above will assist you in doing this in the best way possible, and make the process easier for you so that you can concentrate on your writing more than worrying about how to market and sell your previous eBooks.

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