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If you build niche sites then you’ll know how important a keyword research tool such as Long Tail Pro is to ensuring you don’t waste hours creating content no one is ever going to read. For years I was a firm advocate for Long Tail Pro, but then came along Keyword Revealer, a web based alternative that works the same way. Here’s my Keyword Revealer Review.

I’ve been using keyword research tools such as Long Tail pro for years, ever since I started building niche and microniche websites and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Keyword research tools offer the ability to quickly identify profitable niches without spending hours manually looking at search volumes and Google analytics.

Without further a do, here is my review of Keyword Revealer.

What is Keyword Revealer?

Keyword Revealer is a web based application (unlike Long Tail Pro which is desktop based) that uses the Google Keyword Tool to pull keyword data about a specific set of keywords that you’ve entered into the application to analyze.

With a few clicks of the mouse you can reveal low competition keywords in no time at all. This is a huge time saver for anyone looking to uncover such keywords. By finding low volume keywords with low difficulty scores you can get your content onto the first page of Google without much backlinking efforts.

One of the biggest downsides to Long Tail Pro is that the application is written with Adobe Air and requires this to be installed on your desktop or Apple Mac. Adobe Air is notorious for slowing down your machine and eventually in April 2016 I was no longer able to use Long Tail Pro without causing my computer to crash.

Another issue is when traveling you may have to use different computers and this requires re-installing the application. Keyword Revealer is 100% web based and can be accessed on any browser including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox to name a few.

What Keyword Revealer Offers

Keyword Revealer can be broken down into 3 core areas, these are:

  1. Rapid Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Brainstorming
  3. Rank Checking.

Rapid Keyword Research

The interface at Keyword Revealer is much easier to get started, you just need to click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Keyword Tool’ which you can then enter your keyword or import a bunch of keywords using the importing tool. You can change the search engine you’d like to use depending on your geo-location.

I stuck with, and entered my keyword as below.


You can then see examples of keywords, the monthly searches, adwords average CPC, estimated profits, word count, domain availability and keyword difficulty.

To get the keyword difficulty you’ll need to select the ‘Evaluate’ button. Alternatively to research a particular keyword you need to select on the keyword and then ‘Research This Keyword’


You can sort by a particular column by clicking on it, as you can see above I’ve searched by ‘Monthly Searches.’ You can further narrow down your results by using the filtering options at the top of the page.

One of the best features about Keyword Revealer is how easy it is to download the keywords with one click. Simply click on ‘Download’ and you .csv file is ready. I find this much easier to do than Long Tail Pro keyword tool.


I’ve decided I’m going to research the keyword, ‘leaf blowers reviews’ which offers 5,400 monthly searches on average. By researching this keyword it gives us other keywords we can use for our niche site which match the keyword.


I can already tell these keywords will be easy to rank on the first page based on the average Adwords CPC price but to be sure I click on ‘Evaluate’ to get the keyword difficulty on the main keyword, ‘Leaf blowers reviews.’


From the screen above we can see that all the pages with the exception of two (rank 4, 8, 10) are monster sites that offer tons of reviews that may or may not be related to leaf blower reviews. Don’t be put off by sites such as ConsumerReports, PopularMechanics, Amazon and ConsumerSearch. They are easy to outrank.

The important stats to look at on this screen is:

  • Domain & Page Authority
  • Backlinks to the page in question
  • MozRank
  • Google +1’s
  • Facebook & Twitter Shares
  • URL, Title, Description, H1 tags with keywords.

From the results above all 10 sites on Page 1 have none of the complete keyword in the url, title or description meta tags. There are a few sites with not a single backlink to the page in question, and most of them have less than 40 Google +1’s and FB shares. This is backed up by the low keyword difficulty score of 34/100 (see below).

Take Action Now!

You could easily rank for this keyword by doing the following.

  • Buy a domain with the keywords
  • Host site with Easy Blog Networks.
  • Create awesome content, include H1 & H2 tags
  • Recommend 7 high ticket Amazon products
  • Link to products using Affiliate links
  • Include keyword in meta data
  • Add 150 social signals from Fiverr
  • Create 50+ backlinks.
  • Boost with PBN links (optional).

You can go back and checkout other keywords by clicking the back button. Remember to save the best keywords you find by using the ‘Save’ function.

What is the Keyword Difficulty Score

All of the major SEO tools such as Moz and SEM Rush offer a tool called Keyword Difficulty that effectively tells you how competitive a keyword is on a search engine results. Based on various factors of the competition you should consider whether the particular keywords are something you should rank for or not.

In theory Keyword Difficulty is how easy or hard it will be to rank your website on the first page for the chosen keywords your currently researching.

Keyword Revealer offers it’s own version of the Keyword Difficulty Score and is calculated by using the following metrics:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Page Authority
  • Page Links
  • Juicing Page
  • Domain Authority
  • Moz Rank
  • Page Rank

I always recommend looking for keywords with a keyword competition metric of less than 35 for new websites and up to 60 for established websites. This however is a rough guideline and the keyword difficulty score may be inaccurate so don’t let that hold you back. Some internet marketers think keyword difficulty is a load of nonsense and shouldn’t even be considered. For me it’s a guideline on whether you should even attempt to enter a market.

For example, everyone says don’t bother with electronics reviews and they would be right, look at this keyword difficulty.



Keyword Brainstorming

Another feature about Keyworld Revealer that is similar to Long Tail Pro is the keyword brainstorming tool that allows you to discover uncovered long trail keywords.

You can go beyond traditional keyword research and start uncovering real search queries that are based on user intent.

I find the tree mode very helpful here as you can start with a top level keyword and then find second level keywords and then third and fourth long tail keywords.

I think the keyword brainstorming option is much easier to use than the Long Tail Pro offering.


As below you can see how the long tail keywords look when using the tree mode. Again you can download all the keywords in question.


Rank Checker

The rank checker could offer a lot more in my opinion. When I initially signed up and entered my keywords into the keyword group there was no way to tell when my stats would start to appear. It would now appear a few weeks later that it’s updated once per day.

Here’s an example of some keywords I’ve been tracking.


As you can see there is some serious movement in a few of my keywords. During this month Google rolled out a new update which affected some of my keywords.


Comparision: Keyword Revealer & Long Tail Pro


I’ve been using Long Tail Pro for years and I’ve yet to see an update that actually had any significant changes to functionality. I’ve always had an issue with Long Tail Pro in that it can be difficult to track data that you’ve been using in the past, i.e. saving searches and keywords is nearly non existent.

Keyword Revealer is effectively Long Tail Pro on steroids and they’ve taken an old looking desktop application and turned it into an all access web based application.

Both platforms offer the same functionality in keyword research and keyword difficulty. I like the fact Keyword Revealer has so many different types of Google search engines to search for and you don’t need to link your own Google Adwords account whereas Long Tail Pro requires you to signin to Google before each use.


Long Tail Pro offers a free trial and then costs $37 per month or $27 if paid yearly. Keyword Revealer offers three packages (just to complicate things) but to get all the features I’ve mentioned in this review it will cost you $29.97 per month. They have two other plans for keyword research if that’s all you need but you’ll get bored quickly at the lack of being able to run huge reports and lookup many keywords. You can save 30% on annual billing with Keyword Revealer.

keyword revealer


Both companies offer support via email using support desks. I’ve tried both and can confirm Keyword Revealer was much quicker to respond but Long Tail Pro has thousands and thousands more customers so it is understandable to wait an extra 12-24 hours for a response.



Keyword Revealer doesn’t use the Clickbank network whereas Long Tail Pro does and being a Clickbank product it can be difficult to cancel your plan. I managed to get a reply to cancel my services within 48 hours. Keyword Revealer is a pay as you go service so you won’t have to worry about canceling your monthly billing if you wish to cancel.


Both tools have pros and cons but for now I’m going to stick with Keyword Revealer. If you’d like to signup for a free trial then you can do so here.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword Brainstorming
  • Price
  • Support

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  1. says

    Thanks for the review, Rhys. Helped me a lot!

    I’m looking for a keyword researcher and I found good recommendations of both KR and LTP.

    I’m just beginning my online projects, so I’m thinking about to start with the Basic plan on Keyword Revealer, and as I am getting results, I can afford the most complete plan and expand my projects.

    Do you think it is a good idea starting with the basic plan?


    • Rhys says

      Hi Tarso,

      You can only do 15 keyword searches per day on the basic plan and you won’t get the KW rank checker or keyword brainstorming tools. If you don’t need these then it’s definitely worth starting on the basic plan and upgrading when you can afford too :)


      • says

        Thanks! I think I’m gonna do that.

        I am just wondering if I can do a good job without the rank checker and the keyword brainstorming. The keyword brainstorm looks very interesting, But since I am new on it, could I do a good job without this features anyway?

        My main aim is to find good long tail keywords and know how many researches per month they have. But just knowing that is enough? Or is extremely necessary to use a tool to know who are the top ten ranking for that keyword? I know it will take more time, but if save me money on the beginning, I could check for the top ten manually.

        • Rhys says

          The keyword rank checker is for tracking your own keywords and their rank. If your looking to see the top 10 sites for a keyword then this is included in the basic plan too.

          Keyword brainstorm isn’t really needed unless your struggling to find your own keywords :)


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