Huge Wellington Earthquake + My Business Over The Last Month



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On Monday New Zealand was rattled by a huge earthquake that ended up being a magnitude 7.8 and caused wide spread damage throughout the upper south island and lower north island.

I’m living in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand and I’m in a rather new apartment building (on the 7th floor) built to 100% of the New Zealand earthquake building code. With that said, my apartment was trashed (internally) and anything that could have broke, definitely did – including my new 55″ curved ultra HD television that I’ve only had for 9 days.

The earthquake was violent and definitely one of the biggest I’ve felt in my 7 years living here. My building was swaying and I honestly thought my time was up and the building was coming down. Turns out that the earthquake originated over 500km away but felt like it was in the city. I really felt for the people of Kaikoura, an awesome summer spot for locals and tourists alike.

After a night spent on the street while engineers accessed the situation we are still experiencing minor earthquakes a few days on. Geonet have reported over 1,500 earthquakes since Monday morning when the ‘big one’ struck.

Since then, many Government buildings have been closed as they have been damaged or are damaged beyond repair and may come crashing down. It’s crazy how many commercial buildings around my apartment complex are affected and may be out of action for months (or even years).



Luckily the internet hasn’t been knocked out, the one thing that is vital to running my own online businesses. I’ve heard countless stories of businesses that have been ruined from the earthquake including tour operators, local bars and restaurants and retailers. Large employers that have lost buildings are likely to struggle soon and will be forced to close their doors.

Owning your own online business in times like these is perfect as you can continue to operate regardless of events in your own country that would otherwise affect your ability to continue trading. A very small percentage of my revenue comes from New Zealand, so my businesses have been fully operational this week and will continue to do so for the future too.

Similar to the last few months I’ve been moving away from drop shipping to focus on affiliate websites, where revenue comes from recommending goods and services in exchange for a commission on the sales revenue. I’ve been creating a couple of new Amazon affiliate websites which I hope will get traction in the next few months. If your thinking of starting a drop shipping business read this review on whether or not it’s worth it in 2016.

Other things I’ve been working on are; PBN sites and building link juice to my money sites, I’ve joined several mastermind groups on Facebook which are proving very useful in learning about the topic. I’ve been exploring a wide range of tools for finding high metric expired domains, through to PBN hosting companies.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Thailand for a two week holiday to escape the aftershocks from the earthquakes and to relax before getting stuck into three weeks of hard work on my next affiliate site project which I will complete before Christmas.

I’ve got an action packed two weeks lined up with Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Ranong and Bangkok on the list. If you haven’t worked out by now, I love Thailand and will be moving out there next year to pursue my passion for exploring the world and working remotely while building passive income streams.

Look forward to lots more juicy content coming soon in the next few weeks.

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    I’m sorry for what happened Rhys. I didn’t know until I read this. I hope everyone is okay by now. Good thing you built online businesses. I can’t wait to be like you! Maybe when I sign up with amzaffiliatebootcamp, I will learn everything about passive income. Thanks for being my mentor! Cheers! :)

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