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I love traveling and everywhere I go I see people flying drones. Recently someone asked me how to make money with drones so I decided to put this article together and answer that very question. Long story short, you can make money in the drones niche and here’s some inspiration to get started.

1. Aerial Photography Freelancer

One of the easiest ways to start making money with an existing drone, or to purchase one and claim it back as a business expense is to start your own aerial imaging service.

In New Zealand and across the globe a few entrepreneurs have started to offer such a service and by securing a contract with a real estate agency could ensure you are in business for the long haul. There’s definitely room for more than a few companies in the local area so if you see a gap in your area, now’s your time to start.

how to make money with drones

Providing a realtor with images from the sky can help buyers see the local area without having to load up Google Maps or visit the property.

Other more advanced options include detailed property inspections, public services, weddings, sporting events and promotional videos.

I’ve seen startups charging $300 per hour up to $1,500. Startup cost is anywhere from $100 to $10,000 depending on drone specs.

2. Drone Flying School

Believe it or not someone decided to start their own drone flying school to teach newbies how to fly their drones safely. If you’re a fan of Shark Tank then you’d have seen what all the fuss is about and how the entrepreneur landed over $300,000 from Mark Cuban.

The business called DART Drones offers on site training in 45 cities across the United States as well as through an online course. To date they’ve had over 5,500 students take their courses ranging in price from $20 for their online offering to $670 for a one day on site course.

dart drones make money online

If you want to start your own drone business they offer a course for that too, $300. It’s a proven business model and if you are properly insured for customers whom will ultimately crash your drones, you can mix work and pleasure in this business opportunity.

3. Drone Repair Store

One of the e-commerce stores I haven’t seen take off (no pun intended) is drone repair stores providing a wide variety of parts for all the latest models of drones.

Similar to a phone repair store they either come to your home or you can send the drone to the store and have them fix it.

There is a few websites offering such a service with DroneFly being one of the most popular in the United States.

drone repair business

Startup costs can be as low or high as you’d like depending on whether you operate from a home based location or rent some office space. You can easily setup a basic website to accept credit card payments using Shopify (14 day trial). You can normally buy third party components from Aliexpress or sign up to become an official DJI distributor if you’re keen to provide a like for like replacement to your customers.


4. Drone Racing Modification

Drone Racing has exploded in the last few months with the introduction of faster drones with better battery life, features and first person experiences. I recently watched a documentary on drone racing in Canada and it was scary how much people are spending on drones.

You can buy a wide range of components to modify off-the-shelf drones or buy custom built drones from various websites.

You could start your own drop shipping business using Shopify and various suppliers that offer such products.

drone racing modification

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