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I' m an internet marketer from New Zealand, traveling and making money online is my life. Reach out to me if you have any questions.

In a little over a month I’m moving to Bangkok to continue my pursuit for making money online while traveling the world. I’ve been to more countries than I care to count, but there is still many more to visit.

My friends always ask how I can visit so many countries and my reply is always the same, cheap flights and flexible schedules.

You see if you’re stuck in a 9-5 job with children you’re only going to be able to take a holiday when 99% of other working families take a holiday which means same dates, expensive flights and crowded hotels.

If you start your own online business, you can travel whenever you want and take advantage of cheap flights.

Now the real reason you’re here, how to find cheap flights using free resources.

Google Flights

If you haven’t used Google’s search engine for flights then you need to start using this right away. While you can’t book directly with Google, you can see the best prices to destinations in a calendar mode so for example flying on Tuesday is normally always cheaper than flying on a Friday.

Google Flights allows you to search based on airline, alliance, price, duration of flights, number of stops, cabin class and more.

Here’s an example, Bangkok to Maldives is usually around $350 but with Google Flights you can find deals for as low as $258 if you fly on specific dates. The dates light up in green when you’ve hit the best price.

how to find cheap flights

Google ITA Matrix

If you want to dive deeper into the technical aspect of Google Flights then be sure to checkout the ITA Matrix which is where the data is coming from. You can do pretty much everything a travel agent can do with the exception of booking the flight. Once you’ve got specific dates you can use a search engine such as Momondo, STA Travel or Kayak to book the flights.

how to get cheap flights

The best reason for using this tool is you can enter a date and duration of trip and the site will work out the lowest prices for every combination within a four week period, saving you hours of manual searching.

The other neat feature is routing codes so if you must use a particular airport as a stopover or your fav airline for gaining loyalty points it’s all possible to incorporate into your searches.

Only downside is that budget airlines such as AirAsia are excluded from this tool but are visible using Google Flights.

Flyer Talk Forums

What happens when you create a forum dedicated to flying and sign up thousands of members? A place where people share travel discounts and mileage run deals with others and if you’re quick to follow new threads you can pick up some cheap flights too.

flyer talk forums

The best thing to do would be to create an account, get use to how everyone refers to airports using their 3 letter code and then subscribe to the new thread feed so you’ll get notified of new deals first. Then be quick as deals won’t last long.

Secret Flying / Fly4Free

These are two blogs I’ve been following for years now and offer some of the best cheap flights out there including error fares (where they are so cheap you might get refunded), discounted fares and fuel dumping techniques.

secret flying website

Just a few days ago they posted about business class flights from Ho Chi Minh to anywhere in the world for under $600 return, how crazy is that?

I’ve setup their RSS feeds to notify me instantly when new deals are posted and I suggest you do too.

Scotts Cheap Flights

If you live in a country such as United States, Australia or Europe then you should sign up Scott’s flights, a daily newsletter where Scott shares the best flights he has found. There is two services on offer, a free mailing list and a premium.

Personally I’ve seen some great deals on the free offer so I imagine the premium is even better and with membership starting at less than $5 per month it’s definitely a good way to score cheap flights.

Scotts Cheap Flights

There you have it, my resources I use for finding the best cheap flights for traveling. If you have any other resources that you use, feel free to share them in the comments section, I’d love to hear them.


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  1. Mike says

    Great info here Rhys thanks. I Originally came here for a local kiwi review of dropship lifestyle and have since loved all ur stuff. Keep it coming! If you’re ever heading Past Hamilton before leaving nz let me know il buy you a beer and trade u a story. Cherz

    • Rhys says

      Thanks Mike, good to hear you’re enjoying the blog articles. Unfortunately I won’t be up in Hamilton before leaving in a few weeks, I’m off to Melbourne and Perth next week. If you’re ever out in Thailand then let me know.

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