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Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of abusive comments on one of my most popular posts. It is of course one of my most controversial posts as well as it ranks in second position for a large number of keywords related to a specific drop shipping course getting spammed via social media lately.

It’s perfectly understandable to get such comments, I mean if you’d paid $2,000 for such a course and found out you couldn’t make a dime online, you’d be pretty gutted too right. Then there is the members who signed up to promote the affiliate program whom are missing out on their commissions thanks to my honest review.

This week, it started off with several individuals complaining about my use of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ – pretty childish if you ask me. This is a blog, not a thesis paper. Some of those commentators turned quite nasty calling me everything under the sun. Below is a screenshot of a post that doesn’t need censoring.

dealing with stupid blog comments

Fortunately for anyone using WordPress, the commenting platform records IP addresses and the hostname each time a comment is submitted. Most of these trolls are completely unaware of what an IP address actually is and how people can trace them back within minutes. Some internet providers even put your username to your account as the hostname revealing your identity to the world.

wordpress comment spam

Luckily for Mark his host name didn’t reveal too much other than the fact his internet provider is TPGI, a popular commercial internet provider in Australia. If you don’t see anything in the host name field you can use this tool to find out where the IP originates and who owns it.

wordpress comment spam 2

Now you can visit the internet provider in question and try and find out if they offer customers a static IP address. A static IP means if they restart their router they will get the same IP address again and can’t simply keep restarting their router each time you ban them to get a new dynamic IP.

It’s a pain in the ass for an ISP customer to get a new static IP address, especially if they just want to spam you. Most of the time they will just leave you alone or use their work computer which you can also ban as they will definitely have a static IP address.

Fortunately for me, ‘Mark’ was using a static IP.

tpgi spam

So what now? Well you can block his IP address from your website so he can never return unless he uses another internet connection or changes his IP.

I recommend downloading a free plugin called, ‘Simple IP Ban’ and then install this.

simple ip ban wordpress

It’s very simple to use, simply add the IP address into the box and then set the redirection url to something fun or cheeky.

simple ip ban wordpress troll

The next time Mark visits my website he’ll be redirected to a video of Rick, you know the one. In fact he probably has got a little scared as my smokeping test I’ve been running on his IP address since this afternoon has shown the router has been offline for quite a few hours after I made the change to my website.

So what if the IP ban doesn’t work?

The last step is to simply ignore the comments, disable the comments on your blog for a while until they get the message or refer to the abuse method with the ISP in question. Most of the time the spammers will originate overseas in countries where laws don’t cover spam.

If the person in question is as ignorant as Mark was using an Australian internet connection, ISP’s deal heavily with such spam as getting their IP addresses blocked by websites is a real hassle for future customers. For example, Mark spams Google and gets IP banned would result in another customer in a few years being unable to access Google either.

So you can refer to the tool earlier to find out the abuse process.

wordpress spamming

Good Luck. Fight back!

P.S. You could just just send a ‘friendly’ email to the email address they provided. Mark actually used a genuine one as he signed up for my newsletter too and the message didn’t bounce. Maybe he’s still interested in buying one of my coaching packages. We’ll see.

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  1. GetItGoing says

    Nice post. I hadn’t seen this information before regarding comments.

    I was also reading because I was wondering what your approach was in general with regard to dealing with the negativity that can be seen sometimes.

    I’ve seen some really dumb comments, for example, over on YouTube on videos related to entrepreneurial subjects and the level of ignorance is pretty high. It seems to be a common factor that those who are doing nothing to move ahead in life seem to have the most negative comments!

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