How I (KT) Made US$65,000 Online While Traveling The World

$65K isn’t big enough if you’re living in the USA. But if you live in a tropical country like Philippines or Thailand or Indonesia, 65,000usd can go a loooooong way. Especially if I tell you that I didn’t really put too much time and effort into earning that money.

First here’s some of the screenshots from my shopping cart dashboard. While Rhys like’s to promote Shopify, I used a free alternative and proved it works just as well.

KT Mina 1

You see, there’s a big difference with working hard versus working SMART. You can ask a street cleaner who works 8 hours a day, busting his ass off, swiping every corner of EDSA avenue. Is he rich? NO. What if he did 12 hours instead of 8 hours a day? Is he going to be rich? Heck no! Unless he finds a bag full of cash while swiping the streets, then he’s gonna be rich. Maybe “rich” for a day- coz he doesn’t know what to do with that money. Is he gonna be smart about it and make it grow? Maybe not. Who knows?

One thing I know for sure is that you have to make money work for you. Don’t work for it. That’s the lesson I learned when I came across Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. He popularized the Cashflow Quadrant:


Almost everybody I know is on the left side quadrant. Meaning, they have to work for money. If you’re on the right quadrant, you let your money generate income for you. That means more quality time for your loved ones and more time to follow your passion! In my case, traveling. Like Rhys, I love to travel a lot! I can’t imagine myself going back to the corporate world and make other people richer. No way man, I’m not going back to that. I’d rather be my own boss and see the world. :)

How I make money for travel?

Generally speaking, there are 2 ways to make money online.

  1. Sell a product
  2. Provide a service

I did both and I’m still doing it up to now. I quit my job as Search Engine Optimization assistant and started my jewelry business in 2014. When I was starting up, my photographer friend would help me take product shots to post on Facebook. When I have enough money saved, I bought my own camera and macro lens and studied product photography on Youtube.

My mentor told me which keywords and title tags to use when listing my products online. After 1.5 months of setting up my online store, my sales were pretty consistent and it became a passive income.

I make money when I sleep. How sweet is that?! Since I have more time in my hands, I do freelancing gigs like Digital Marketing for other people where I get paid between $10-12 per hour (good pocket money for travel). I did it on my own phase, meaning I dictate which time I wanna work on this project and for how long.

My life has never been the same after that. I was able to travel to the US and to some Asian countries while working on my laptop. I invested some of my money in stocks and real estate with my partner. It’s been a hell of a ride. I learned a lot and I still keep on improving and trying new things.

When my friends ask me how to make money online, I always ask them about their PASSION. You have to do a business you’re comfortable with. I chose jewellery design because I love fashion and arts. I came from a very creative family. I have an aunt who is a Fine Arts professor, an uncle who sculpts monuments of politicians, and two grandmothers who sell gold jewelry for a living. You see the connections? I don’t see it either. It’s a big crazy world, my friend.

You have to follow your passion. It’s not about your relatives or other people. It’s about you. What is it that you want? Not because your dad is a doctor, then you will follow his footsteps and become a doctor as well. Think about what YOU want to do.

Now, the questions…

Can you stand out in these crowded online markets?

Can you actually make money online?

Yes and yes.

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*This was a complimentary guest post from KT Mina*

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