Hammerhead Domains Review – Is It Really As Good As It Sounds?



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If you own a private blog network or are thinking of starting one then you’ll know that finding high metric domains is a vital part of the process. Without domains with high trust flow, domain and page authority and equally good backlink profiles you won’t see the results you are looking for, page one rankings!

So you need to find high quality domains and there are many resources out there including DomCop, PBN HQ and Hammer Head Domains.

I was recommended to Hammerhead Domains so decided to check it out, they offer a free membership with a few free domains every day and a premium subscription which provides 70+ high DA domains every single day. You can get started with a 3 day trial for $2.95 (renews $27/mo).

Hammerhead Domains Review


I signed up and checked out the free domains which were good quality but most of them had gone already. You can see the domains in the portfolio that other people have registered. This is my only issue I can see with Hammerhead Domains. If I was working for Google it would be very easy to do a manual audit of the domains in their arsenal. It would be better if domains were removed from the site once they are registered.

Aside from this the service offered by Hammerhead Domains is perfect for people looking to buy domains that could be added to your PBN with links to your money site.

You can signup for a free trial here, then you will be able to see the premium domains of the day. They offer a nice feature that stores all previous domains for future reference for the duration you’ve been a member. As you can see I’ve only been signed up for 3 days.


And below you can see the premium domains from today. I’ve omitted them for obvious reasons but you can see the important stats for each domain. This will save you a lot of time knowing you don’t need to visit sites such as Moz or Majestic to confirm the stats. If I’m doubtful of a domain, manual checking is definitely recommended.

Hammerhead Domains Stats
  • Domain Status – Still Available?
  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Page Authority (PA)
  • Trust Flow (TF)
  • Citation Flow (CF)
  • Referring Domains
  • Backlink Toxicity
  • Registrar Links


The service they provide is simple, yet highly effective and will save you hours of time finding suitable domains for link building or adding to your PBN portfolio. When you compare Hammer Head Domains to services such as PBN HQ, where you are buying domains blindly it is definitely a much better solution.

If you get lazy, they offer a premium PBN solution where you can buy 50 domains related to one topic, i.e. news, fitness, weight loss etc. I haven’t experienced this service however if the domains are as high quality as the ones offered in the premium service I imagine it will be even better.

They offer to replace your list if your not happy with the list and can’t find any domain names to register. Remember when buying PBN domains, the domains should be relevant to your money site to minimize foot prints.

If you want to get started with Hammerhead Domains then you can check them out here. I recommend this service and use it myself too.


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