10 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has been adding a lot of features in their service like hashtag stickers, rewind format, IG collection, etc. Those features might be confusing for some users, but it might provide a great opportunity for digital marketers.

Most Forbes 500 companies are using Instagram because of the high percentage rate of customer engagement on that platform. It is becoming the center of interest for most brands to connect with their customers.

If you have a brand that’s related to fashion, travel, food, or any other products you want to show to your target audience, then you should step up your game and follow these strategies…

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How to Get More Instagram Followers?

1. Create a good content.

Instagram is all about visuals. You have to decide how you’re going to tell your story in different ways to your target audience. You know what most digital marketers say, “Content is king.” Apply that to your Instagram account to create brand awareness and make your followers share your feed to their groups and attract new followers.

2. Know your audience.

If you have a product, I bet you already know who your target market is. Focus on that so you’ll know how to play your marketing game. Are they mostly men or women? What kind of lifestyle do they have? What is your geographic target market? If you were able to answer all those questions in your head, then you’ll know what kind of photos you would want to post in your feed.

3. Research your competitors.

Check out their Instagram account and learn what kind of visual marketing they are doing. Learn from your competitors but don’t copy everything. Analyze what strategies are working for them and what strategies are not working so you can avoid it. If they get more engagement or likes on their particular post, do it too but make it better.

4. Use relevant hashtags.

If SEO and PPC is what most digital marketers use on their website, using # (hashtag) is the bomb. It might be annoying for some users but using the proper hashtags is the way to get new followers. When using hashtags, make sure that it identifies your niche and your audience will be able to relate to it. You can use tools like Top-Hashtags, Hootsuite and Hashtagify just to name a few.

5. Be visible.

How to be visible? Simple. Use other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn or Google+. Announce it to your followers that they can follow you too on your Instagram account, give them a clear reason why they should follow you. Aside from other social media, you can also put your IG username in your email signature so they can connect with you there. Follow people, like and comment on their photos to create engagement and increase your visibility.

6. Post timing.

Know the time frame of peak Instagram use. This depends on your geographic target market. Let’s say you’re in the US and your target market are the working class who works from 9 to 5. Of course, they won’t check their Instagram between those hours. But for those who works at home, 9 to 5 might be the peak hours for using IG. So what could be the best time to post? Experiment. Test how your photos will perform at different times of the day. If you get more engagement in certain hours, then adjust your hours accordingly. Make sure to post 2 to 3 photos a day so there’s a great chance that they will see you on top of their feed.

7. Write good captions.

Sometimes, a picture is not enough to tell a story. So we use text on our images, like memes. How do they get so funny? Because of the text on the photo. It captures the attention of the reader and it draws them to write a comment. People go on Instagram to be entertained so you have to creatively craft a post to engage your audience. Tag users, tag your location, it would help people notice your caption and they will surely react to your post.

8. Collaborate.

In order to get noticed on the world wide web, content makers do a collaboration. It is the key ingredient for your Instagram success. Help other small brands to get notice and they will help you too. It’s similar to the famous quote, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” Promote their products to your followers so they can promote your business too.

9. Run a contest.

This is one of the smartest ways to drive a traffic to your website and engage more people to buy your products. Run a contest by telling people to like, comment, tag, use your hashtag, repost your photo or make them generate a photo to help you reach more audience. If your follower posts a picture to join your contest, it will be exposed to their friends and they will help you build trust because the content is coming from their friend. Give out free products when running a contest, reward them by showcasing your products or services.

10. Consider advertising.

If you’re a beginner on Instagram and you have a budget to increase your followers, do it. It’s a powerful way to reach potential customers. Create an ad campaign and monitor your growth. Instagram now offer video or photo ads, you can check it here to learn more. They now allow companies to enter their phone numbers, email, and physical addresses. This allows new audiences to connect with brands easier rather than commenting on a post or using DM or direct message.

Just be patient and let your Instagram success roll. It will take a lot of time and energy to gain new followers, just be consistent. Always remember that consistency will bring in results. You can use other strategies that work for others and apply it to your account. If it works, then great. If not, then try again and learn other techniques that are suitable for your niche. Good luck! Happy posting! :)

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