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Having trouble finding a niche for your drop shipping business? Finding a profitable niche can be a very troublesome task, but here is a great way to find the world’s most popular and profitable Shopify stores and then view their best selling products. You can then find out what products consumers are buying for your own store.

You might be wondering why would I want to find profitable Shopify stores? The simple answer is to find products that are selling for other businesses. Save yourself hours and hours of research and simply start selling the same products.

All Shopify stores are hosted on the same servers, an IP address in Ottawa, Canada so you can take this IP ( and run a reverse WHOIS lookup which will show you all the websites in the world that are hosted on that IP address.

You can see over 21,311 Shopify stores that are cached in Google as using this IP. This is sorted by popularity with the top site being ranked 6,204 in the world.

Here is the Top 10 Shopify stores:


As you can see some of the biggest household names are using Shopify for their online stores, for example and

Now you can visit any of these stores and find out the most sold products by using Shopify’s handle to the end of the domain.



Now you can go and explore over 20,000 Shopify stores and see what other businesses are selling successfully on their website/s. It’s up to you how you use this resource but you could easily start a competing store with similar or the same products with this crucial tool.

Good luck. Looking to get started with Shopify? Get a 14 day free trial here.



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