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If your just starting out in online marketing and want to learn how to create a profitable blog or website then you might come across Earnest Affiliate. An online course created by Johnny Fd, a digital nomad currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Earnest Affiliate offers an insight on how to create your own online blog and monetize it the right way.

If your an experienced internet marketer then you’ll probably want to give Earnest Affiliate a miss, as the concepts and courses are designed for beginners and intermediates who’ve either never built an online website or are struggling to find their feet in the world of affiliate marketing.

This is my personal review of Earnest Affiliate and whether it’s worth the price tag charged.

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Earnest Affiliate Overview

  • Vendor: Johnny FD
  • Name: Earnest Affiliate
  • Niche: Site Building, & Affiliate Marketing
  • Price Tag: $197
  • Website: EarnestAffiliate.com
  • Verdict: See below.

Let’s get straight into the review, if you have any questions about the review or the product and course itself please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

What is Earnest Affiliate?

Earnest Affiliate is a proven step-by-step system for starting a profitable blog or website that any one can follow – it’s so easy that people who’ve never even used WordPress before have been able to get started right away. The course claims to hold your hand through the process of picking a niche, choosing the right affiliate networks and getting approved there, starting and creating your blog or website and making things as easy as possible. I find Earnest Affiliate is a more advanced version of Google Sniper 3.0.

The course is a comprehensive overview to starting your very own blog or website and involves no hidden extras, no keyword research tools, no private blog networks, no learning complicated backlinks or search engine optimization tactics or any expensive third party plugins.

Given the advice above, this really is a basic course and for some the $197 price tag might be a little expensive however the video content provided by Johnny is high quality and a lot cheaper than opting for a university course or Udemy course that will reveal the same information.

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How Earnest Affiliate Is Structured

Earnest Affiliate is divided up into 8 key modules which are easy to follow and understand. These modules are:

  1. Earnest Affiliate Marketing
  2. Niche Selection
  3. Getting Approved at affiliate networks
  4. Creating Your Site
  5. Creating Content
  6. Getting Free Traffic
  7. Case Studies
  8. Automating & Scaling.

You’ll also get access to three bonuses, these include:

  1. Personal Support from Johnny’s team
  2. Private forum access
  3. Lifetime membership to new modules.

Modules Overview

Earnest Affiliate Marketing

This covers the basic information and background to affiliate marketing – if you know anything about affiliate marketing this module will probably be too basic for you. The module gives you an insight into the idea of making money online from affiliate marketing.


Niche Selection

The module helps you find your bearings and choosing a suitable niche for building your website. There’s no point starting a website in a really competitive niche with this course as the modules don’t focus on search engine optimization or link building – which are two factors I believe are crucial in building a successful niche website these days.


Getting Approved

This module shows you how to find and choose affiliate networks best suited for your chosen niche. The examples provided in the course are satisfactory however doing your own research here is key to your business growth and success. There’s no point using the same affiliate networks that all the other members are using. The module will help you to apply for accounts with a high chance of being accepted. My advice to you is to apply for affiliate networks once your website is setup, not before. If affiliate marketing isn’t your thing there are other ways to monetize your blog.


Creating Your Site

Johnny is a huge fan of WordPress and both his own blog and the Earnest Affiliate platform are built on the WordPress framework – with some paid themes to compliment this. My own website is built on WordPress using a paid theme too so I can recommend the advice given in this training module. You can get a ton of premium wordpress themes from the Envato marketplace. Johnny shows you how to build and host your website, install WordPress and setup a domain. Johnny does recommend paid options but I prefer using my recommended web hosting companies.


Creating Content

This module helps show you how to write and create content. If your like me, content writing for niche sites is a bit of a hassle and not something I enjoy. Strangely enough I like blogging on my own personal site though. In this case you can take advantage of companies such as iWriter and have overseas workers create content for you. Johnny helps outline some good suggestions for creating content in Earnest Affiliate.

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Getting Free Traffic

Many other reviews say this is the most important module in Johnny’s Earnest Affiliate course however I’m not so sure. The module outlines ways to drive free traffic to your website. I think the only way your going to drive large volumes of traffic is through paid advertising or a robust SEO campaign. If your just starting out however this is a good module with many suggestions for driving traffic without spending a dime.


Case Studies

This is where Johnny reveals some of his case studies such as certain affiliate links that are generating thousands every month. If you’ve ever spoken to Johnny you’ll know that he is making a killing with affiliate marketing from his condo in Thailand, saving all his money for his future life in Texas. Johnny will show you what is possible if you work hard and follow his steps. This isn’t some fake push button software, this is a course to make a real successful business.


Automating & Scaling

This module will show you how to automate and scale your business so you can make recurring passive income each and every month without having to do anything. Similar to the advice given in Google Sniper 3.0 but on a much more friendly level.


What are the pros & cons of Earnest Affiliate?


  • A very detailed course with instructions that can be practically implicated.
  • Most of the courses on affiliate marketing do not focus much on traffic generation. Earnest Affiliate is great in the sense that it discusses a lot of free traffic generation methods.
  • A complete step-by-step video training course.
  • Private support from the author and access to forum are very valuable bonuses that you get with your purchase.
  • Techniques, methods and strategies discussed in the course are practically applicable and you can see the results in case studies.


  • The money making method is not innovative. You will find a lot of similar affiliate marketing courses in the market.
  • Slightly more expensive than similar courses.

Earnest Affiliate Conclusion

Earnest Affiliate is a decent money making course because it shows you the ethical and honest way to make money with affiliate marketing. While most of the affiliates don’t even think of honesty while promoting affiliate products. What this course teaches you is to promote products honestly and ethically. You should keep your readers in mind while promoting products and not just the money that’s coming in. If you want to win hearts while making money, you need to grab this course.

  • High Quality Course
  • Easy To Follow
  • Suitable For Beginners
  • Pricing Structure
  • Value For Money


It is for everyone and since it is very simple and easy-to-follow, you will never have to face any issues. The things that you learn in this course aren’t new but the twist is definitely new and worth trying.


How Can You Buy Earnest Affiliate

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Earnest Affiliate is a high quality product that is suitable for beginners and intermediates. Buy Earnest Affiliate now.

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