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In my quest to review all the drop shipping courses on the market, I’ve finally decided to purchase and review Drop Ship Lab, a Udemy video training course by Johnny FD. Coming in at a price of $200, but Udemy regularly have special offers, so I managed to buy drop ship lab for under $15.

Like most of my reviews I should start off by saying for this review, there is an affiliate link to Udemy, however that doesn’t mean this course will ultimately receive a good review.

I don’t recommend inferior products to my readers or clients so affiliate link or not, here is my honest review.

Drop Ship Lab Review

If you’ve never heard of the term drop shipping you should checkout my Drop Ship Lifestyle review where I go over this in fine detail. Then checkout my drop shipping resources article so you can familiarize yourself with what these courses are all about.

Drop Ship Lab is a video training course that is approximately 2.5 hours long and was created by a self proclaimed digital nomad called Johnny FD from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Johnny built one successful businesses from the ground up, eventually selling it for $60,000 last year.

Johnny never really tells anyone how he made his money drop shipping but further research online reveals he owned a massage table website that drop shipped tables within the United States. Other websites he’s owned included a Tiffany Lamp business (closed), a mattress drop shipper (closed) and another store he still co owns with his ex girlfriend, Larissa.

drop ship lab review


Johnny is one of the main affiliates in another course, created by Anton Kraly called Drop Ship Lifestyle (now DSL for short) and promotes this through his link, AnthonMethod.com. DSL is a much larger course and costs $997 for a one time subscription. This is important to note, as affiliates earn 50% commission on all sales through DSL.

When I went to purchase Drop Ship Lab I was slightly confused as to why Johnny chose to host his course through Udemy rather than his own website or a dedicated membership site using a premium wordpress membership plugin.

It soon became clear after reading the reviews on the Udemy site, that Johnny was using the low priced course to perform a questionable tactic in affiliate marketing, recommending other people’s products in your own course for bigger, fatter commissions.

Here is one of the latest reviews (as of Jan 11th).

drop ship lab review

And the up sell.

drop ship lab review 2

I’m unsure why Johnny would need to promote Anton’s course to his own students considering he claims to be an expert in drop shipping, maybe he believes Anton provide’s a much better experience, at 5 times the price but it wasn’t a good look.

Regardless, I went ahead and purchased the course.

Drop Ship Lab Features

As I completed the checkout process, I was advised I would receive the following:

  • Have the formula to turn $1,000 into $100,000
  • Get extra profit for every sale, up to $600 a month
  • Save thousands of dollars on income taxes each year
  • Get paid 2 years in advance for work done today
  • Triple your profit by simply doubling your conversions
  • Start your 1st, 2nd or 3rd dropshipping store successfully.

Let’s see if the course stacks up to what was promised. Clearly there is very little about drop shipping as the course highlights don’t seem to mention anything about drop shipping?


What Does The Course Cover?

Quite a lot of different topics so let’s begin.


What’s Possible and How to Start

The course starts with three videos including a personal introduction, who Johnny is and what his background actually is. The next video goes on to show case a glorified Shopify dashboard, which is apparently one of his drop ship stores, I’m assuming it was his massage table business.

The main problem I have with videos that showcase a successful store is they rarely tell the full story. You can earn a million dollars online easily, if your costs are a million dollars too. You can’t make a million dollars if your costs are zero.

Johnny fails to mention the costs in his video. He simply refers to making $500 a day profit every day some months. Let’s assume a massage table costs $200 and he sells 2 a day. Thats $400 leaving $100 profit, two completely different profit figures.

The other down fall is the operating expenses, again left out by many of the creators of such courses including Johnny. You’ll need to factor in advertising costs, promotional material, fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, damaged goods, corporation tax etc. Your $100 profit from earlier might only be $25 by the end of the day, or even -$100.

Most drop ship businesses lose money before they become profitable but selling a course promoting this true fact wouldn’t sell right?



Haven’t Started a Store Yet?

The next part of the course deals with three ways to start your drop shipping business. There’s the paid way, the free way and the bonus method.

The paid shortcuts formula is where Johnny spends 11 minutes talking about drop ship lifestyle, a $997 course (as of Jan 2017) that is created by Anton Kraly and is one of the biggest drop shipping courses on the internet.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure why this even comes up in Johnny’s course, other than the 50% commission he’ll bag if you sign up. Johnny FD claims this paid method, is the quickest way to turn $997 into $100,000. What a load of sh!t. I could sell you a $1000 coaching package, it doesn’t mean your guaranteed to make a $100k.

The free method formula is for those of you that don’t have a spare $1000 sitting around to buy into the nonsense in the earlier video. To confirm, you don’t need any drop shipping course to be successful at drop shipping, everything is available online for free.

The bonus method is a case study on how to start a drop shipping store online using Johnny’s recommendations, again with affiliate links.

Goal: $1,000 to $10,000 a month profit

The next section took me by surprise from the get go. Johnny has titled this video series as going from $1000 to $10,000 a month in profit. He has never actually earned $10,000 a month from drop shipping in his own businesses, so how can he make such bold statements.

Remember, he sold his business for $60,000? At a 20x revenue forecast (most brokers use 25-30x) that would make his business earning a little over $3,000 a month average/ net profit.

The first video is called the ‘Conversion Formula’ and shows you how to triple your profits by doubling your conversions. Just reading that back to myself doesn’t even make sense and after watching the video I was still confused.

The next video shows you a not so secret formula on how to build your customer list for free. Without going into too much detail here, there are many ways you can collect email subscribers.

The third video takes a turn and goes completely off topic. It’s called, ‘Location Arbitrage Formula’ and shows you how to lower your costs of living by relocating to Thailand and not paying tax (put bluntly).

The bottom line here is that you must pay tax on your profits. You must setup your business correctly and you must keep accurate records of your accounts. Not all of us are lucky enough to relocate to Thailand either.

The fourth video goes on and Johnny shows you “how to travel like a boss” by getting a credit card with air point dollars and buying your drop ship orders through the card and then repaying the bill straight away. Simple but effective and it does work – I do it too.

Johnny FD then goes on to show you a way to make an extra $600 a month, completely irrelevant for anyone outside the USA.

The last video again takes a detour and shows us all how Johnny makes his real money, affiliate marketing. You only have to read his monthly income reports to find out drop shipping makes up a tiny percentage of his online income.

Simple solution, recommend affiliate products to your customers, preferably ones that pay you a monthly commission and earn passive income for the rest of your life (Shopify is a good example of this).

Goal: $250,000 a year club.

The last module is called the $250,00 a year club. Again this makes no sense and has nothing to do with drop shipping. The first video shows us how he made $60,000 in one day selling a website. So what.

The second video shows you how to start a consulting business and teach other people how to make money drop shipping.

The last video shows you that you now have all the tools to make $100,000 this year.

Are you confused? I am.


Drop Ship Lab Conclusion

This course was strange from the first video and by the end I was confused as to whether I’d bought a make money online course or a drop ship training course. Johnny goes from talking about his own drop shipping successes, to recommending Drop Ship Lifestyle, to location arbitrage to starting a consulting business.

If your looking to start a real drop shipping business, this definitely isn’t the course for you. If your looking for a course that showcases a success story and up sell drop ship lifestyle, then by all means spend $15-$200 on this course. I can guarantee you’ll probably ask for a refund too.

This isn't a course...
  • Affordability ($200 RRP)
  • Course Content
  • Niche Research
  • Help & Guidance
  • Formation Advice


This is not a drop shipping course, it's a course designed to up sell you to Drop Ship Lab.




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  1. Jim says

    Everyone in Chaing Mai thinks Johnny is the biggest dick head around. He is so full of rubbish that he is starts to actually believe his own hype. complete moron

    • Mike says

      Hi Jim, Are you currently drop shipping in Chiang Mai? I’m visiting soon for a few weeks and want to do some work whilst. Can you give me the names of some cafes/co-working spaces where people working in drop shipping work/hang out? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mike.

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