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Bulk Buy Hosting is a fresh, easy and affordable pbn hosting solution that uses popular shared hosting providers to host your websites through one centralized dashboard.

If your looking for a new way to host your pbn’s then you’ll know there is very few cloud based services that offer the ability to control all your sites through one interface. Many SEO marketers will spend hours each month keeping track of sites hosted all over the place. That’s where Bulk Buy Hosting comes in, a service similar to Easy Blog Networks and SiteWyz.

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bulk buy hosting review

If your still confused, the services provides a single access point to blogs hosted across various reseller accounts. You’ll achieve true IP diversity by hosting your PBN’s with multiple companies such as Hostgator, Namecheap, A Small Orange and Arvixe.

If your still unsure what exactly pbn’s are, be sure to checkout my guide here.

I’m sure your aware that hosting multiple websites with backlinks pointing at your money site is a guaranteed way to eventually get de-indexed or a spam penalty against your site. By hosting your blogs all over the world, using different IP addresses, it leaves a lot less footprints that ultimately catch you out.

You can get started for $15 here using my link, or keep reading for my full review.

Bulk Buy Hosting Review

Before I heard of Bulk Buy Hosting I was an active subscriber on Easy Blog Networks (check out my review here) and have been using them for quite a few years.

So when I heard about this new service, that is slightly cheaper, I had to check it out.


Bulk Buy Hosting costs $15 a month for 5 accounts (lowest plan) which works out to be $3 per blog per month. Easy Blog Networks charges $35 for 10 accounts (lowest plan) which works out to be $3.50 per blog per month. The price is marginal and Easy Blog Networks offer a $7 trial on this plan to test their service.

To compare with other services, Hostnine offer a 99 account reseller for $24.99 a month, although you run the risk of multiple sites ending up on the same IP ranges.

Here is a price comparison on the two services:

Comparison /mo fees
Blog Count Bulk Buy Hosting Easy Blog Networks
10  $26  $35
25  $52  $69
70  $129  $149
100  $183  $199


To conclude it appears (as of January 2017) the pricing for Bulk Buy Hosting (Now BHH) is slightly cheaper and is comparable with two dollar hosting companies. If you were to sign up for an account with each shared hosting provider (i.e. BlueHost), it would take your a long time and cost you much more than $2.64 a blog.

Using Bulk Buy Hosting

Getting started is really straight forward, there is no flashy sales page or referral only which Easy Blog Networks (EBN) like to add to their site every few months.

bulk buy hosting review

Next you’ll need to enter your payment details, they accept credit card and Paypal payments. This will setup a recurring monthly payment.

bulk buy hosting review 2checkout

You’ll then be subscribed and receive a welcome message, and receive a payment receipt via email.

bulk buy hosting review confirmed

You can then login to the dashboard and you’ll be presented with this rather mediocre looking dashboard screen.

bulk buy hosting dashboard

You can then ‘Add Domain’ which brings up a new box. I tested quite a few domains and found unusual extensions such as .review don’t seem to work. Hopefully this will be changed at some point in the future.

bulk buy hosting add new domain

You’ll then need to wait up to 12 hours for the domain to be deployed. I reached out to the owner of the website who informed me that, “For brand new customers, the first deploys can take up to 12 hours, depending on how quickly we receive the automated notification from 2Checkout that the payment has been processed and it has passed their fraud checks. After that initial delay, domain deploys should generally only take 1-5 mins at most, and sometimes will complete in 30 seconds.”

Again this would be great if it was automatic considering most web hosts offer instant setup after payment goes through.

bulk buy hosting deployment

After 3 hours my domain was deployed and ready to go. My first deployment was with a rather strange nameserver but a quick Google search revealed it was a JaguarPC nameserver, one of the biggest shared hosting providers in the world.

You’ll be able to see the Domain Authority of the domain name. I reached out to the owner of the website and asked if Majestic stats could be included in the future as personally I find them to be much more accurate for backlink profiles. His response was,

“Regarding Majestic stats of TF/CF, we are looking to add them to our system soon.”

Update Jan 30th 2017: Majestic stats (TF/CF) are now included.
Source: Email List Jan 30th 2017

Source: Email List Jan 30th 2017

bulk buy hosting review setup

You can then select the drop menu beside ‘More’ and copy your username and password should you wish to login via the cPanel web url or you can log directly in via the dashboard.

You can then configure your hosting, install WordPress or setup an HTML website. Unlike Easy Blog Networks where you can only install WordPress blogs to your PBN’s, Bulk Buy Hosting allows you to create any type of website using Linux/PHP.

My first domain was assigned with the following information:

bulk buy hosting review

The last step is to head over to your domain name registrar and set the nameservers for your domain name. This is a painless process and will take less than 5 minutes although it may take upto 12-24 hours before your new website is showing up via yourdomain.com. You can read a knowledgebase article from BBH on how to do this here.

Bulk Buy Hosting Pros

Firstly the main pro of using Bulk Buy Hosting is the fact it’s much more affordable for hosting a far greater number of PBN’s. You can also buy blogs in groups of 5 whereas EBN requires you to buy a minimum of 10 at once.

Secondly your websites will be hosted using shared web hosting providers which make it much more difficult to track footprints on your PBN. Easy Blog Networks would be much easier to track by looking at all the WordPress sites hosted on the same IP addresses.

Thirdly the dashboard and hosting platform are very straight forward, there isn’t much too read over or get confused by, you just login, add a site and then start building once it’s been deployed. You can create any type of website, whereas Easy Blog Networks only allow for WordPress sites.

Lastly the customer service is very efficient and my questions were answered within a few hours. They also have a well documented knowledgebase and a Zendesk help desk.


Bulk Buy Hosting Disadvantages

Unfortunately there are some disadvantages at this stage that can be improved through further development.

The first is the lack of automation and having to wait a number of hours for your first domain to be deployed. Given they are using 2Checkout to handle payments, most fraudulent payments would be picked up at checkout and wouldn’t be processed. Would upgrading your account cause similar issues? I’ll need to try this in due course.

There is no free trial or discount for the first month to test the service. I asked the owner if this is something they were likely to implement and was advised, ” we focus on making our offer super affordable for everyone, all the time. The $1 trial or $10 off first month deals could see higher churn rates, which is exactly the opposite of what we’re looking for in our business”

Lastly (for no footprints)  be careful when registering and use a non-Google account as you may leave footprints when they send their signup confirmations. I use a hotmail email address so no problems.

bulk buy hosting disadvantages


Bulk Buy Hosting is a bulk hosting aggregate platform that allows you to host, manage and control all your PBN blog’s from one place. You can add domains within minutes and create any type of website including WordPress, Joomla, HTML or other content management systems.

You won’t be restricted in what you can and can’t do, like Easy Blog Networks where it’s WordPress only. The lack of automation from the start was a slight hiccup but easily overcome, and the stats for Majestic would be a huge bonus.

The lack of a trial or discount to test the service would have been beneficial, your still tied into a monthly plan if you continue to use the service so I’m unsure why a trial couldn’t be added. Anyone who is serious about PBN hosting wouldn’t leave within a few months anyway.

I enjoyed testing out Bulk Buy Hosting and paid for the review myself. I will probably continue to use the service until I get frustrated with Easy Blog Networks. Right now they offer a ton of extra features and all my PBN’s are created using WordPress so it works well for me.

Do you want to try Bulk Buy Hosting? Check it out here.


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    From June 2017, Bulk Buy Hosting have not 5 blogs option anymore. 10 blogs for starting ( $26).

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