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AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is a new online coaching program designed to teach you a proven step-by-step system to build, rank and profit from Amazon affiliate websites. This is my personal review of the course and what you can expect should you sign up.

While the name of the course is AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp, it’s offered through the Cloud Living Academy, owned by the same internet marketer.

I personally own several drop ship businesses although most of my online income comes from affiliate marketing. I own a few review websites which list some of the best products with links to ‘Amazon Associates’ affiliate program, where I earn approx 6-10% commission per sale.

After reviewing pretty much every drop ship program out there, most of my readers ask for an alternative to drop shipping. Queue, Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

This review has recently been updated (June 27th 2017) to include the latest course.

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AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp Review

If you’re still unsure on the term, affiliate marketing is defined by as,

A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission.”

You’re going to be an individual doing the marketing usually this is through product reviews, list style sites or video marketing.

amz affiliate bootcamp review

AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is a membership course, created and built by Tung Tan, a Vietnemese ‘God’ of Amazon affiliate sites. Over the course of 5 years he’s built and grown dozens of profitable affiliate websites which he then flipped on sites such as Flippa and Emplire Flippers.

I managed to track down one of his websites, NichePie many months ago where he blogs about his success stories. One of the websites he owns is called, a review style website that makes over $30,000 a month in revenue.


The website has only been around for 16 months (As of June 2017). Goodness knows how much this site cranked out in December as Christmas is the biggest sales period of the year, this has been held a mystery but I’m sure he’ll reveal it should you sign up for his training.

Credit: Tung Tran

November Earnings: Credit: Tung Tran

The best part about Tung’s website is that he has less than 10 reviews. After running his website through SEMRush (invaluable tool for niche website creation) we can see most of his traffic comes from just 4 articles!. One of the most profitable posts is the ‘best wireless routers’ and ‘3d pens.’

If you think how many consumers search for ‘best wireless routers’ you can imagine how much traffic his website would be receiving. Add to this the thousands of long tail words that might be searched too for example, ‘best wireless router under $99’ example

I’ve used my highlighter to indicate the monster articles that are ranking in the top 3 for some very popular search terms.

Why Build Amazon Affiliate Sites?

One of the best reasons to build Amazon affiliate websites is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. If you’ve considered the idea of drop shipping, then you’ll ultimately want to achieve that digital nomadic lifestyle that always pops up on your Instagram or Facebook news feed.

Amazon Associates, is an affiliate program that anyone can sign up too. There many some exceptions but whether you’re from Serbia, New Zealand or the USA you’ll be able to get setup within a few minutes. Heck, you don’t even need a website to get started, although it definitely helps.

amazon associates affiliate marketing

Another reason to start building Amazon affiliate sites is the ability to outsource. If English isn’t your strong point, or you have appalling spelling then you can hire a freelancer to create the content for your websites. Tung points out in his course that he didn’t write any of the articles for

If you can research, write compelling articles and learn basic SEO strategies you can perform this online money making method. It’s important to note you need a combination of all 3, many people have awesome sites but don’t promote them resulting in no sales.

No Adwords needed. Face it, Google Adwords is super expensive unless you’re targeting ultra low keywords which will likely mean less traffic and less commissions. Many ‘dream coaches’ simply don’t tell you in the sales pitch, that you’ll likely need to spend hundreds each month promoting your store, split testing and adjusting ad copy.

Long term SEO will ensure you don’t need to spend money on Adwords.

adwords vs seo infographic

You will however need to invest in link building, blogging, influence outreach and content generation.

Why Are There So Few Reviews On AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

Tung opted for a quiet launch and targeted his email subscribers and readers of his blog NichePie. Unlike the likes of Anton Kraly (of Drop Ship Lifestyle) who spend thousands of dollars on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Ads, Tung has let the course and his reputation do the talking.

Anyone can sell dreams, but success stories are what really sell successful online courses. You can upload a screenshot of your e-commerce store and claim you made millions but very few marketers will show you the cost of goods sold. Anyone can claim to make a million dollars, if your cost of goods sold is a million dollars.

Revenue does not equal profit. 

Sales Pitch vs. Reality

Gross Profit = Sales – Cost of Goods.

Net Profit = Gross Profit – Expenses (Adwords etc)

There’s a big difference between the fancy bar chart in hosted e-commerce dashboards vs, what goes into your bank account. Therefore by relying on his own success Tung hasn’t attracted the major affiliates pushing his course, or the millions of buyers looking for over-hyped dreams, yet… maybe one day.


So, What Do You Get?

If you happen to dive into the course, you’ll get over 70 high quality video lessons covering everything you need to know about building, creating, maintaining and running your Amazon affiliate website.

Each video and module is accompanied by step-by-step action plans and worksheets and templates to put into action what you’ve just learnt.

There is three different plans on offer (correct as of June 2017), Basic ($497) – Premium ($597) and Premium + Coaching ($1,297).

amz affiliate bootcamp pricing

The difference in price from the basic and premium is quite substantial although the all inclusive package offers a WordPress for beginners course, audio interviews with successful affiliate marketers that specialise in Amazon sites, recordings of previous webinars and some additional modules that are only available to premium members.

The last option includes an hour of coaching valued at $497. Given Tung’s reputation and the financial figures to back it up, this is definitely a wise move if your looking for a whole hog solution.

Once you’ve chosen your package you’ll get access to the 8 module training course. At the time of writing it was only possible to review a module per week. You’d get 2 modules at the time of signup and the remainder was drip-fed over the following 8 weeks.

UPDATE: You now get all modules immediately after paying.

amz affiliate bootcamp modules

Modules Overview

Rather than go into a ton of detail and spoil the course for you and others, here’s a brief run down on what each module covers. Each bullet point is a separate video.

Module 1: Introduction to AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Learn about what a great Amazon affiliate site looks like
  • Amazon affiliate roadmap
  • Starting your affiliate journey.

Module 2: Niche & Keyword Research

  • Brainstorming for niche ideas (Excel document)
  • Keyword research basics
  • Researching products on Amazon
  • Finding commercial keywords
  • Finding informational keywords
  • Analyzing competitors
  • How to pick a niche
  • Identifying low competition keywords
  • Building your keyword list.

Module 3: Content Generation

  • Why you need quality content
  • What exactly is quality content?
  • Creating quality content
  • Building a diverse content plan
  • Using content planners (tool here)
  • Writing high quality articles
  • Outsourcing content generation
  • Outsourcing examples
  • Editing & proof reading.

Module 4: Setting Up Your Website

  • Choosing a suitable domain name
  • Choosing your web hosting
  • Setting up WordPress
  • WordPress themes for amazon sites
  • Essential WordPress plugins
  • Setting up and using Google Analytics
  • Using Google Webmaster tools
  • Creating essential pages
  • Posting your articles
  • Launching your website.

Module 5: Drive Targeted Traffic

  • What is link building
  • Link building fundamentals
  • How outreach link building works
  • 5 month link building campaigns
  • Industry experts
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest Posts – Full Section on this.
  • Guestographics
  • Automation Tools.

Module 6: Making Money

  • Signing up for Amazon’s Associate Program
  • Using Amazon Associates
  • Tips to avoid getting banned.

Module 7: Growth & Scale Up

  • How to scale your business quickly.


Module 8: Buying & Selling

  • Introduction to buying and selling
  • Preparing and listing your website
  • Negotiation
  • Advanced sales strategies
  • Course taken by Empire Flippers.


1 Year Money Back Guarantee

Very rarely do you see an online course offer a 60 day money back guarantee these days, let alone a 365 day money back guarantee if you fail to make the course cost many times over. There is a requirement to keep a journal of your progress, follow the 8 modules down to the wire and reach out for help atleast 3 times in the private community form before applying for the refund.

refund policy

What I Liked

Tung’s Content

While Tung doesn’t actually speak in the video tutorials himself, he’s hired a professional speaker on his behalf that covers the content in great detail. There is no shortcuts here, so while some users may find the content is too basic to start with, it does set the scene for the other videos in each module.

Tung has made clear he’s not interested in selling a get rich quick dream and focuses on building a long term passive income business. This is evident by the lack of affiliates promoting his course and the low number of sales.

Not Selling Dreams

As I identified earlier Tung is a rather successful Amazon affiliate marketer who shows you his very own website such as How many other internet marketers will reveal their money sites in their courses?

You won’t make thousands of dollars overnight, nor will you make thousands of sales or flip your site for millions after a few weeks. You will however start to make a reliable income after 3-6 months.

amz affiliate bootcamp not for you

The Community

While still in the early days, the members community is growing daily and by the time you get to my review you’ll likely join the hundreds of other entrepreneurs who’ve joined the course. The forum is chock full of interesting posts, success stories and members helping each other.

amz affiliate bootcamp community

What I Didn’t Like?

The one downside to the course is that the content is slow dripped over 6 weeks (edit: now available at once), but this is down to personal preference.

Another thing was the pricing, it is slightly pricier now than when the course was first launched. Granted, Tung has added an extra 20 videos since the original launch but the price as now gone up from $497 to $597 for the premium package.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a drop shipping alternative or another way to make money online with minimal investment then building Amazon affiliate review style websites is definitely a viable business opportunity and AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp will definitely help you get there. While slightly expensive, it’s definitely cheaper than courses such as Drop Ship Lifestyle and delivers over 70+ videos across 8 modules.

You’ll get a 365 day money back guarantee to completely test the course out and see if it’s right for you. This is alongside a full 30 day money back guarantee for risk free peace of mind. I encourage you to spend a month going through the course, buying your domain and correctly researching a profitable niche and start creating.

You never know, in the next 6 months you could be making $40,000 a month just like Tung.

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  • Help & Support
  • Price
  • Ease To Start
  • Overall

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    Hey Rhys,

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    After doing some research…it seems like NichePie is the blog of one of his student, Luqman Khan‏, and Tung’s actual blog is cloudliving.

    Maybe it’s still him under a pseudo name…I just wanted to make all facts are aligned.


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