About Me

I’m Rhys, an online marketer and business owner from the UK currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. I like to think of myself as a digital nomad and love to travel the world at every opportunity. This is my blog where you’ll find blogging advice, product reviews and case studies on how to make money online.

My Business Career So Far

imrhys dirt biking cambodia

Dirt biking in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I’m a 20 something internet marketer with experience in drop shipping, affiliate marketing, niche website creation, search engine optimization and software development.

I started drop shipping when I was 13, long before courses such as Drop Ship Lifestyle and Store Coach launched causing everyone to go crazy over the concept of working from anywhere. Back then you could easily make money using various suppliers. Roll on to 2016 and 99% of new drop ship stores fail within their first 12 months.

At age 16 I moved to New Zealand, and discovered the world of CPA marketing, working with some now defunct networks such as EWA and CPA Tank. These networks are no longer around but others took their place such as Peerfly, Shareasale and CPALead.


I quickly got bored of having to wait 30-45 days to receive my commissions which and decided to leave CPA Marketing behind in favor of building niche websites that promote affiliate products. You could call me, an affiliate marketer now.

Now 24, Amazon associates is one of the biggest sources of revenue for me these days and along with a few key tools such as Moz, Ahref and Long Tail Pro (+ Keyword Revealer) I’ve been building new micro niche sites for the last few years. I also specialize in SEO campaigns and work with a number of large clients.

My team and I span five different countries and all serve a part in building these niche sites. The content writers that spend hours and hours writing thousands of words for the sites, through to the designers and experts that find the best niches and backlink opportunities.


Why The Blog?

This blog started as a personal hobby which is why i used the name, IMRhys. Looking back this was not something I envisioned becoming so popular and helping so many people or else I’d have picked something more unique.

I’ve kept the blog going for the last year and whenever I’m on holiday or taking a break from day-to-day business operations I like to post new content and share my money making experiences on here. I try to update the site 3-4 times per week.

The blog showcases everything I’ve learnt online from WordPress tips and tricks, through to finding new niches using online resources, to using Moz and Ahrefs and saving money when learning to drop ship. I think my blog is a very interesting read, so you should definitely come back regularly.

From time to time I will add guest posts to the blog. If you feel you can add value to my readers you can submit a guest post request.

Work With Me

If you would like to contact me regarding a business opportunity or joint venture then please do so here. I don’t reply to generic spam emails so please spend a few minutes and showcase yourself.

I now offer a range of services including consulting, search engine optimization and micro niche affiliate site consultation/setup. You can reach out to me via my contact form here.