10 Best Websites For Finding Remote Jobs

Almost everybody I know who has a passion for travel wants to have a location independent job. How can you achieve that? Simple. Get a remote job. How? It’s very challenging, I know. You can earn some money from Upwork or Fiverr and it’s not bad at all for pocket money but can it sustain your travel lifestyle? Probably probably not. It totally depends if you’re a hard worker.

Today, we curated 10 best sites for our fellow digital nomads to find jobs to earn money online while traveling.

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1.) Flexjobs

Has been around for over 10 years now. It’s a great site for people looking for part-time, remote and best flexible jobs.  They have over 55 job categories you can choose from, every job is hand-screened and legitimate according to their website. This is great because you don’t have to see shady jobs such as those you see on Craigslist. They also have a blog for expert tips on how to land your dream job.

2.) We Work Remotely

The all-in-one resource for finding remote jobs. They have this catchy phrase that says they’re the best site to post and find jobs without the hassle of commuting and no geographic boundaries. You can find programming jobs, customer support, design, marketing, and management jobs. “Office not required” tags are pretty common on their job postings. If you’re looking for remote job opportunities, this site would be perfect for you.

3.) Dribble

Great site for people with a dominant right side of the brain. Yes, I’m talking about creative people. This site is great for designers to find their next gig. Just click on the option “remote/anywhere” when you point your mouse to Job tab to modify your search.

4.)  EuropeRemotely

As the name suggests, most job postings are from European companies. You don’t have to be physically in Europe to apply for a job on their site. But it would be perfect for people who are following their time zone. This site is for remote developers only.

5.) Working Nomads

A great site for digital working nomads who want to get notifications directly to their email. Make your remote job search delivered directly to you on a daily or weekly basis. The majority of the job listings you will find on this site fall under management, marketing, design and customer service.

6.) Virtual Vocations

Get access to 10,000+ telecommuting jobs in one place. You won’t have a hard time searching for remote jobs because they post over 450 jobs every day. Aside from job postings, you can also access their online courses such as; creating a telecommute resume, professional job seeker course and much more. I found their website easy to use and they have social media accounts that they update regularly.

7.) Remote.co

They hand-curated listings for easy job searching to showcase the best remote job opportunities. Big international companies like Envato, American Express, WooThemes, etc. can be found here as well. If you’re not sure with the remote job position you are applying for, you can ask the employers and they will clarify everything for you. Go over their tips and advice on working remotely coz it might help you get the job that you desire.

8.) Indeed 

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this site before. They have a wide selection of remote jobs to choose from because they pull data around the world to bring jobs together in one place. Simply type in “remote” in the search box to find the job you like.

9.) The Muse

They have a special section for flexible and remote jobs when you click on “Search Jobs” tab. Aside from job postings, you can also find a coach that can change your career path. Simply choose a service that will help you discuss your current career obstacle then book the coach to set the schedule and get started to boost your career to into high gear.

10.) Skip The Drive

Get a work-from-home job and skip the costly morning commute. You can find job opportunities range from data entry to project management, marketing and more. They also have great features where you can track your job applications, get tips and advice from their blog, and find the best company to work for without any hassle. Whether you’re looking for part-time or full-time online job, they got you covered.

Additional Tips for Finding Remote Work

1.) Do networking and never stop. Connect with your anyone in your network like your previous co-workers, the people you have a comfortable relationship with like your friends, your mentors, LinkedIn friends, etc. Please don’t try to contact people you don’t know because they will just get annoyed and it’s a waste of time. But if you have the guts and you think you can approach them nicely, then go for it.

2.) Job outreach. Cold email or job outreach is when you contact someone you don’t know or no mutual contacts in order for you to connect. Reaching out with personable email is more effective because it humanizes the job hunting process. Remember to keep your outreach short, polite and straight to the point.

3.) Visit company websites. Many companies are hiring but they don’t market it well. If you’re  interested in working with a company you like, visit their website and look at their career page. If they don’t have a job posting. Visit their social media accounts and check if they post any job listing on their page.

4.) Search for unadvertised positions. Use Google Search Operators to find hidden remote positions. Here’s a great article on how to use the search operators. Aside from clever Google search, you can also use LinkedIn. This platform will help you know more about companies, get your resume in front of a big audience, and make connections with other professionals.

5.) Try co-working Spaces. When you travel abroad, you will meet other digital nomads in co-working spaces and you’ll get a chance to build a network with them. Try to collaborate with other freelancers while working in a more sociable environment. Other freelancers in your field are not your competition, they might recommend you to a client when they have so much on their plate.

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